How to Plan a Hen Party Quickly & Easily

People interpret hen parties differently when they hear the phrase for the first time. Most of them with the wrong idea! A hen party is simply a ladies’ only party. In most cases, a hen party is conducted by a woman about to tie the knot. It is a goodbye party a lady about to leave the bachelorette club throws to write herself off the single ladies’ squad. Planning a hen’s party is likely to be successful because women can do great things when they come together. Besides, ladies are good planners, pay attention to detail, and take such events seriously. There are two phases of planning. One is an idealisation and the other implementation.


Getting this right is a quick step to a successful hen party. It would help if you had an excellent idea for a superb party to take place. It would be best if you involved your girls in the planning process for desirable results. Essential things to settle first include the theme of the party, hosts, guests, and other logistics.

By the time wedding bells are ringing, you should have enough to cater for your hen party. Your budget should be advised by the number of guests you want to attend. If you operate on a tight budget, the reverse is true. You will decide how many people you want to participate in the party based on how much you can afford.

Your guests will need to eat, drink, dance, and have a good time. The day should be memorable. Spending less on more people will be horrific. You also do not want to overspend, considering your wedding is around the corner. Spending on the right things and people will make you a great party.

Pay excellent all-round entertainment with excellent song selection skills and a sense of humour. Not only that, you need a videographer/camerawoman. Now, this is the secret. You do not want an intruder to your party. This means the photographer should be one of the guests. Pick the one with the best photography skills in your crew. Besides, let the emcee be one of your girls.

Sit down your closest friends in the group, ask for ideas from them. Remember, the final decision will be yours to make. All you have to do is seek their input on what kind of hen party would be ideal for you and the rest of the group.



Theme selection

You have to decide the theme of the hen party before you start spending money on any purchases. You have your personal taste and know what your girls like. It is up to you to decide whether you’ll do an indoor party or outdoor. Although you may choose to do both. How possible is it? 

You have a day and a night in 24 hours. Spend your day outdoors with the girls and then indoors at night. For the day, it will be all about eating and talking, music and food. At night, you will have drinks and more food. Although, that will cost you more.

Get a good photographer

It would help if you had a seasoned photographer. You cannot afford to dress well only for the photographer to disappoint you. You’d instead hire an outsider than assign one of your girls the photography role only to be let down. Although, it would be unwise to get someone outside your crew to join you as a photographer. All the while, he/she will be feeling out of place. A good idea would be to give that opportunity to someone you know intimately and who’s open-minded. Someone who knows some of your friends too. You need the best photographs for your day.

The venue, food, decorations, and drinks

The venue should be decided and booked in advance. Once that is sorted, the foods and drinks can be outsourced. Hire a fine actress. That is if you want to focus on other agendas during the party. Another alternative would be to cook by yourselves. Let the best cooks in the crew prepare your meals. This though, has its own disadvantages.

Allowing your girls to cook by themselves is likely going to cause problems. Ladies are known to be argumentative, and that is likely to occur when they start working together. Instead of focusing on preparing fine meals, they might start fighting over who’s better than who.

Decorations are a major ingredient when it comes to a hen party. It is an important part of the theme and makes the hen party lively. Women are known to be colourful, and decorations confirm this. Get the right decorations for your party and make it memorable. Bright colours would do a good job. Do not go for cheap but quality. Use your creativity to make the venue more appealing. It must be a memorable day. Your girls need to have a moment of their life. Remember is a goodbye to you for leaving the bachelorette club.

The Bottom Line

Hen parties are common nowadays. Ladies on the verge of marriage host these parties to say goodbye to their peers. For quick and easy planning, involve your girls in the planning process. Essential things to be taken care of first include food, drinks, venue, and photography. Assign each of that to your ladies and see the planning go smoothly and with ease. At the end of the day, everybody will be happy about being part of the process from start to end. In case you need help, Check this site CelebrateJust Right.

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