How To Turn Your Bedroom Into Your Own Personal Paradise

Your bedroom should be your favourite room in your house. A warm, welcoming place where you can spend some time getting ready in the morning, read a book, or drift into a deep sleep. However, creating this kind of space is often easier said than done, especially if you are trying to decorate on a budget. With that in mind, here are some top tips that you can use to turn your bedroom into your own personal paradise. 

  1. Focus on creating a calming atmosphere. One way in which you can do this is by choosing a soothing colour palette – opting for pastel shades as opposed to overly vibrant colours. For example, pale blue, violet, and tan are often considered to be calming colours that help you relax.  
  2. Ensure that the design of your room reflects your personal style and taste. For example, don’t be afraid to veer away from traditional paints and wallpapers in favour of something a little more modern and unique such as wall tiles. While you may feel as though tiles belong in kitchens more than they belong in bedrooms, there are a variety of styles and patterns on offer that make them the perfect addition to any bedroom. 
  3. Throw away heavy or bulky curtains. Not only are they dust-magnet, they often get in the way of natural light. Instead, opt for a pair of stylish, lightweight blinds that will provide you with privacy when you need it but will also let the sunshine in during the day.  Making the most of natural light can lift your spirits, improve your ability to focus, and make even the smallest of rooms seem a little bigger. 
  4. If your mattress is damaged, lumpy, or otherwise uncomfortable – it’s time to get a new mattress. Though this is a considerable expense, a poor quality mattress can have a negative effect on your overall health – leading to a variety of problems further down the line. Furthermore, a new mattress could also help you get a good nights sleep
  5. Be creative when it comes to the way in which you organise your shelves and bookcases. With a bit of creativity, they can become exciting centrepieces for your room instead of a storage solution.
  6. Keep clutter to the absolute minimum, as this is the easiest way to create more space in your home. Every six months, go through your belongings and donate anything you no longer need to charity. This stops unnecessary waste from building up in your room, making it appear cleaner and more organised. 
  7. Clean your room at least once a week to prevent the build-up of dust and grime that would otherwise be hard to get under control.
  8. Whether you are working from home or studying, ensure that you set up space in your room where you can work free from distractions. For example, though tempting, you should never really work from your bed. Instead, set up a desk and keep it as organised as possible to boost concentration and productivity. 
  9. Keep an eye out for inspiration- whether that means you follow interior design blogs and social media accounts or visit local retailers to check out their displays. 

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