Keeping Your Baby Warm in Winter

As much as your baby may have enjoyed the freedom that comes with fewer clothes and wrappings in summer, this is not always possible, especially in winter. With the changing of the season, along with colder temperatures, your baby will be more at risk of chills and cold. To overcome this, it is important that you start implementing some techniques to keep them warm. These will, of course, depend on the weather for that day as, especially during autumn – it is entirely feasible for it to be warm one day, then bitterly cold the next. Adequate warmth can also go a long way to helping prevent any unnecessary colds, or general feelings of irritation, in your baby.

Ensure Your Heating Works

It is important that, although not a legal requirement, you have your boiler serviced on an annual basis to ensure that it is working correctly. For those living in rented accommodation, this will be a legal requirement that your landlord must fulfil. If there are problems, such as the boiler not firing up, the engineer will be able to rectify this. A good working boiler means you will have the capability to heat your home and utilise hot water, meaning you can keep your baby more comfortable.

Wrap Baby Up Warm

When in the home, this may not be as much of a requirement, especially if your home is kept at a warm temperature. When going out, you may need to consider adding layers to your baby’s outfits, depending on the weather of that day. Snowsuits, hats, and gloves can also be a good idea to ensure that your baby’s head and fingers do not get cold. While your baby may not like wearing extra clothing, particularly if they are used to unrestricted movement, it will help to prevent them gaining any unnecessary illness due to exposure to the cold. 

Consider Sleeping Arrangements

Softer mattresses not only allow air to pass through, which can cause extra cold, but can also increase the risk of a smothering hazard. On the other hand, a firm mattress will stop air from passing through, meaning you can keep the underside of your baby that bit warmer. Alongside this, you can use a sleep suit with thicker material, or a sleeping bag with a higher tog rating that is specifically made for winter. Keeping your baby’s room at a warm, but not overly hot, temperature can allow them to sleep soundly. You may also wish to use a heating pad on your baby’s bed prior to them using it, so that they are not being placed on cold, uncomfortable sheets.

Looking after your baby and keeping them warm can help to keep them happy as the weather gets colder. Babies are more vulnerable than most older children or adults, so you will need to be mindful of their temperature. Too hot or too cold temperatures can lead to irritation or illness, so will need to be monitored, as well as the general weather that day. 

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