How To Make The Master Bedroom A Parents’ Retreat

As a parent, your natural focus is on making sure your family is looked after properly and meeting their needs. Dealing with all of this is very much a full-time job, so sometimes it’s helpful to step back a little and have a special place that offers a quiet, peaceful retreat just for parents. Your bedroom is the obvious choice and creating a personal haven requires just a few thoughtful touches. Even if you’re working on a budget, try one or two of these simple ideas that won’t cost the earth.

Create your plan

Start by thinking about your bedroom’s features. Take into consideration its size and shape, the kind of furniture you have, where the windows are and how quiet it is. If you want to be able to plan a room that you can relax in as well as a bedroom you sleep in, you may want to add a few touches or to reorganise it slightly. A bed is the centrepiece of a bedroom and whilst you might want to use it for a quick nap during the day (ha!) you should really keep it just for sleeping. So, if space permits you could also add a chaise longue or a chair for a bit of rest and relaxation away from the bed.


Nothing screams chaotic family life as much as clutter, so aim to make your room free of anything that isn’t conducive to a sense of calm. Keep surfaces as clear as possible and essentials such as clothing and bed linen safely out of sight. You might think that your mirrored wardrobe doors make your room look bigger, but they can also cause a distraction when you’re trying to settle down to sleep. If you have space, add a comfy armchair to create a reading nook or a quiet corner where you can listen to peaceful music, to daydream or meditate. Sleep experts will tell you not to have a television or a workstation in your bedroom, however, the choice is of course yours.


The way in which you decorate your master bedroom will affect almost everything in it, including you. Bright, energetic colours are wonderful for rooms where lots of activities take place, such as your children’s playrooms and areas in their bedrooms or a study if they do homework there. It’s nice to have a bright kitchen also, although if your home has a combined kitchen and dining room you might want to make the décor in the dining area a little more muted. In your master bedroom, you should aim for relaxing and calming colours, which are nevertheless not too cold.

Dove grey has become increasingly popular and is available in both paint and wallpaper, we’ve painted every bedroom in the house in it! It seems to work exceptionally well with other, muted tones such as lilac and even heavier hues including charcoal and maroon but you can pair it with splashes of colour if you want too. We’ve primarily paired it with white to make the rooms as calming as possible, we have a few splashes of yellow in one room, some navy in another and are looking at pink in the spare room. The 2018 colour of the year by Pantone is ultraviolet, it’s probably best not to incorporate this into your bedroom décor! Dulux, on the other hand, has announced a shade called Heart Wood for 2018, a warm dusky pink that’s almost mauve, so it would make a lovely bedroom feature wall.


Make the most of your light control in a bedroom by fitting California Shutters on your windows. They’re ideal if you need to shut out light completely or partially during daylight hours, and they offer complete privacy and improved sound insulation. There are several styles to choose from, depending on your preferences, and a wide range of colours. I love the ability to mix privacy with that early morning light to help us wake up in the morning. If I had my way, every room in the house would have shutters. For artificial lighting, it’s a good idea to install a dimmer switch if you have an overhead light fitting and to use low wattage energy efficient bulbs. If your room includes a reading lamp, you can still use energy efficient lamps with a slightly brighter bulb. Aside from that, try to keep the room as dark as possible so that when you’re sleeping, you’re getting high quality sleep.

Textures and textiles

Finally, when it comes to textures, you have a good opportunity to add those sensuous touches of luxury here and there. Hard surfaces such as wooden floors can be successfully softened by the addition of sheepskin rugs to pamper bare feet. If you prefer bed linen in plain colours like I do, you could add a throw and extra scatter cushions in brighter patterns, or a bedspread for the winter months. The great thing is it’s so easy to freshen up your bedroom without the need to repaint walls or undertake major renovations just by changing scatter cushions and rugs. When your work is complete make the most of your oasis of calm as often as possible; send the kids to their friends, dim the lights and enjoy some peace and quiet!

The Washroom

While this is an area that you might not think about in your plan, you must investigate ways that can be your relaxation and joy. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to realise the importance of this room in your life with the daily chore and responsibilities. You are always in a hurry to get out to finish up a specific task, thus hinders the complete experience of your washroom. But, there is more to just getting a shower to clean up. It might be the missing piece in your off days where you have a peaceful and rejuvenating day in the tub or the shower (your choice).

There are several strategies you can use to pimp your washroom. First, decide whether you will have a bathtub or an exquisite shower. Each has its pros and cons, and it’s up to you to determine which will best fit your master bedroom’s general structure. It would help if you also thought about storing and arranging your clothes and accessories in the bathroom. Invest in beautiful hooks, corner storage equipment, or cabinets where you can organise your bathing accessories.

Changing your wall type and colour will play a significant role in improving your general bedroom feel. Getting bathroom wall panels of your choice will help in achieving your perfect look. Ensure that you consider the theme and colour to avoid clashing and creating a discordant feel in the bathroom. The room needs to refresh your body, mind, and spirit for your impending duties. Lastly, always remember to maintain high hygiene standards to maintain that sparkly look.

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