Moissanite – Diamonding Better Than Diamonds!

Diamonds are supposed to be forever, but that was before moissanite hit the ground running! Although much more competitively priced than diamonds, moissanite packs a far greater punch than diamonds when it comes to getting value for your money. Similar in appearance, durability, and brilliance, moissanite is even said to have far greater refractive properties than diamonds, making them an excellent substitute, without being a cheap knockoff. 

What makes moissanite a good option?

Many people believe moissanite to be a mineral from outer space. Outrageous as it sounds, this theory (which has since been proven implausible) stems from the fact that the first discovery of moissanite as we’ve come to know it, was made near the site of a meteorite impact crater. Although its mother compound, silicon carbide, is by no means an extraterrestrial substance, it is easy to understand why this was thought to be the case! Silicon carbide is, in reality, found right here on earth, although natural occurrences of this compound is rare. Luckily, it is easily recreated in a laboratory setup, making it easy and affordable to create the end result – moissanite. 

The ethical option

Diamonds have a tarnished history of bloodshed, corruption, territorial wars, and exploitation, when it comes to the mining and production of diamonds as we know them. Africa, in particular, is riddled with several greatly questionable tales of wars and the exploitation of natural resources and indigenous people, while western diamond companies swoop in and plunder the landscape for their own gain. Buying moissanite instead of diamonds is an excellent way to bypass this system and is a guaranteed way of achieving an ethical solution to an almost universal demand for sparkle. 

Moissanite rings have nearly double the refractive qualities of diamonds, and carat by carat, the weights of the two stones seem to correspond. They are universally adaptable across various settings, as is equally suited to gold, silver, or platinum base settings. Because moissanites are double refractive, they give out twice the amount of light that a diamond does. This significant extra sparkle and shine sets them apart from a diamond and makes them breathtaking and surprising to behold. 

Not any cut cuts it

If your goal is to have a stone that displays exactly like a diamond, but without the ethical considerations and bloated pricing, moissanite rings could be the ideal solution – but pay attention to the cut. A round cut is a universally successful cut across both types of stones, and millimetre by millimetre, they will result in an almost identical look – barring the additional brilliance of the moissanite. 

A big ring will destroy my budget – now what?

While there are many other perfectly fine gemstones to be found on the market, which will bring you a satisfactory sparkle at a lower price, moissanite is in all likelihood your most affordable option when it comes to diamond equivalents. Replicas can look tacky, while the point of moissanite is not to be a “diamond lite” – it is a fantastic jewel that can hold its own in any design and performance discussion. 

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