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With both my day job and the running of this website, I spend a lot of time working from home and often sat at my desk. Anyone who works from home will tell you that creating a positive working environment is crucial to keeping productivity up and procrastination at the door! Whether you’re a freelance writer trying to hit those tight deadlines, or you’re a student trying to get to grips with citations and references – if citations are something you’re really struggling with then tools such as an mla citation generator will help you – you’ll know that being able to concentrate and work comfortably are the keys to success. Here you’ll find my 6 must haves for any home office. Enjoy!

A comfortable chair

I cannot stress this enough. When you spend a considerable amount of time sat at a desk, then your posture will start to suffer. This means is so important to invest in a good office chair that is both comfortable and supportive. From back ache to wrist pain, neck problems and leg pain, not sitting correctly can have serious complications for you health. Choose an office chair that is ergonomic. You’ll find that if you’re comfortable, you’ll work much more efficiently too!

Plenty of stationary

Having everything you need around you will certainly help keep your productivity levels high. Spoil yourself with some gorgeous stationary, plenty of pens, paper and super cute notebooks. Ideal if you need to quickly right down a note or a number. Keep your printer filled with ink too! 

Your Motivation 

We all know that as the day drags on it gets harder and harder to concentrate and get all our tasks done. This is when your motivation comes in. Sometimes your decor can greatly affect your motivation! A dull room isn’t going to inspire you to work, so click here to visit a fabulous guide one how to brighten up your room. Whether it’s photographs of your family, or images of that sun kissed beach you’re counting down to, whatever motivates you make sure you can see it and that it takes pride of place!


The difference a couple of potted plants can make to a dreary office space is amazing! They add light, a pop or colour and a burst of freshness into any room. House plants absorb pollutants in the air and purify the air around them! They also help to reduce stress and just look good

A calendar

Keeping yourself organised will make your day to day life easier and a calendar is a must for any office. Whether you make the most of the apps on your phone, or you keep it traditional with a paper one on your desk, decide what works best for you and use it to keep on top of your work, appointments and other errands! There’s nothing wrong with putting up a whiteboard and writing down your latest tasks and deadlines there too. 

Somewhere to relax

You’re entitled to a break, you know! Including somewhere in your office space to relax and switch off from your work for an hour is a great idea. It could be a squashy armchair, a sofa, beanbag or even a yoga mat. Make it the perfect place to sit with a cup of tea and relax before you head back into your work. 


  • Mummy But Still Me 15th November 2019 at 11:40 am

    What a lovely desk that is. We need inspiration for our home office as that is the last room to do up but my other half works from home so it will have to accommodate his work needs. I’m all for the tons of stationary though!

    • Hayley | Devon Mama 15th November 2019 at 1:09 pm

      We bought it pre-kids to go in the office, which promptly became the nursery and meant it’s been pushed out of the way into the spare room – it’s not ideal but I do still love it just as much as the day I ordered it!

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