New Year, New Home? Here’s Why Your Home Needs a Makeover

It can be really tough to estimate home renovations. As we’re coming into a new year, you might start looking around your home and looking at new ways that you can freshen it up. You might not have anything in you to renovate the entire house, and your bank balance may not agree with it either, but people often tend to wildly underestimate how much time and money they need to do things like renovate their living room or add an extension. 

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try though, but you just need to be realistic about what you’re getting into. There are plenty of reasons that you should renovate your home, but you can still give it a full home makeover simply by replacing your existing furniture for the best at Oakland Furnishings. As you move into the new year and you fancy a change, take a look at our reasons why you should give your home a little bit of an upgrade even on the inside.

  • Your home is currently unsafe. A good reason to do a full renovation somewhere in your home is because it’s not currently safe. Your roof may be dripping into your attic, and it may feel like it’s a harmless fix, but a roof that’s leaking can lead to mold and that can lead to further health problems. It could also lead to much bigger problems with your roof on the outside. If your existing furniture doesn’t feel safe, then upgrading that is a smart idea.
  • You are getting ready to sell. When you get ready to sell your home you need to stage it in a way that people want to buy it. That means upgrading the furniture to make it look like more of an appealing house to be in. You need buyers to feel like they are in your home and you need them to feel like that your home is theirs. When you’re planning to sell your house this year, have a look at where you can invest a little bit of cash to make some upgrades because you know you will get that money back in return later on.


  • You simply have the money. It’s a new year, so why not spend some money on your home? It doesn’t have to go as far as upgrading to a new bedroom, or installing an unsweet, because perhaps you don’t want to live in a building site. If you have the unexpected money to help you upgrade your home, that is a fantastic reason to go ahead and do it. Perhaps it’s been awhile since you last had some new furniture, or it’s been awhile since you replaced the carpets. There is no better reason than this. Yes, you could blow the money on a weekend away, but once you have some cash all you need is a little imagination to see it go a long way.

Renovations and upgrades are the flavor of 2023, so why not get started on yours as early as you can?

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