Six Ways To Give Your Sofa An Upgrade

There are few pieces of furniture which come close to the importance of the sofa you have in your home. It is one of the few areas which the whole family will use together; something people buy to enjoy, making it critical that you’re able to enjoy this small luxury. They get a lot of wear and most people never do anything to their sofas. We just let them age until they need a new one. You don’t have to! We’re sharing some easy ways to give your sofa an upgrade.

Add Some Storage

A lot of sofas have a lot of empty space beneath them which is just begging to be used for something more. Adding some storage to this sort of space can be achieved through loads of different means. For example, simply placing some boxes underneath will be a great place to start but can be hard to access. To solve this issue, try adding extending legs to your couch, though this will cost a little more and will take more time.

Get It Reupholstered

After years of being used by a family, most sofas will be covered in stains, scuffs, and other imperfections which make them look far from factory fresh. Thankfully, there are loads of companies out there with the skills to perfectly reupholster a piece of furniture like this. This will be a small investment, but will be worth it once you see your sofa in its original glory. It will always be best to read some reviews before choosing a service to do this for you.

Add A Throw

My personal favoured route. Spare some expense while sprucing up your sofa by adding a throw to this part of your home. It can change the way it looks and feels straight away. You can find loads of companies out there which will make items like this at exactly the right size for your home, and it will be far cheaper than having the whole sofa changed.

Change The Stuffing

The stuffing which used to be used in a lot of sofa production is very low quality by today’s standards. After just a few months of use, you’ll notice it becoming less plump and it can get to the point where you can’t live with it. Companies like have spent a long time developing products to solve issues like this. For a fairly affordable fee, you can have the sofas in your home transformed to reflect the comfort you deserve!

Add A Protective Coating

There are quite a few products on today’s market which make it easy to protect this part of the time. Unlike in the past, though, when some people would use plastic sheets for this sort of job, companies like Guardsman can provide you with a coating for your sofas which will be almost invisible. This will help with stains, general hardiness, and even attacks from animals which would usually render a sofa unusable.

Replace The Back Cushions

Finally, it’s time to think about the back cushions which are used on your couch. These are designed to make the whole thing for comfortable, but will often sag over time, exposing lumps and gaps which make it hard to find the right place to sit. There are loads of companies around the web which can provide new examples for you, whether you want something custom or can live with a pre-made option. This is a great way to make a sofa look new again, though you have to be careful to get colours the same.

See, it’s easy to improve the sofas you use each and everyday. Over time, the quality of these pieces is improving, making it more affordable to get something which will last. If you have something older, you’ll have to take the right steps to preserve it yourself! It’s a shame to have to buy something new when you only need to make a small upgrade.

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