It’s easy to get complacent with fitness when you have children. The days are already busy enough, the evenings are made for collapsing onto the sofa and no-one is dragging this mama out of bed any earlier than the baby already does! Doing exercise as a family makes things far simpler. Firstly,… View Post

For our Living Arrows this week, it’s GOT to be about the snow. I mean, we’ve also been a house filled with coughs, colds and temperatures but who wants to hear about that?! You do? Oh good. Ever since starting nursery in early January, we’ve picked up every cold going. I’m not… View Post

The Sunshine Blogger Awards are a chance for you to learn a bit more about me and me to learn a bit more about other bloggers out there. As a naturally nosy person, it’s literally my idea of bliss! So, in the spirit of keeping things moving, lets start with… View Post

This week’s Living Arrows is all about park life. No, I’m not reminiscing about Blur (although that song is incredibly catchy… you’re welcome!), this weekend we went to the park! It feels like since I’ve returned to work, we’ve been constantly running around doing things. The days I’m at work are… View Post

How do you get the most out of your site? By making sure you’ve got all the free WordPress plugins you need, that’s how. A good plugin will revolutionise your blogging either for you or your readers but there are hundreds out there that won’t add value and could… View Post

I’m not often the one in the photo. Normally, I’m hiding behind the camera (or phone) yelling like crazy to get his attention and smiling like an idiot to try and elicit a smile back. Normally. When I do make it in, we grin like cheshire cats. It’s lovely and… View Post

This week in our Living Arrows series, I’m all about the stately homes. We spent the weekend in a castle (Bovey Castle to be precise) with a group from my work to celebrate the retirement of another director.  Whilst I managed to sneak in some baby-free spa time on Saturday,… View Post

Fish fingers; they’re a staple in most households. Easy to pop in the oven on a school night and full of good-for-you oils, they’re a fast and popular choice. In my childhood, it was all about the frozen fish fingers but I’m not quite ready to turn to Birds Eye… View Post