Everyone loves a one-pan recipe, don’t they? I swear a meal tastes ten times better when you can enjoy it safe in the knowledge that the washing up will take seconds rather than hours. Especially if you’re like us and sans-dishwasher *sob*. This one pan wonder is a family fave that… View Post

Until I started blogging, I’d never heard of the Liebster Award. In fact, I hadn’t heard of half the awards that seem to be out there. Once I’d realised what they are, I was green with envy. Would I ever get nominated for one? Would I make friends in the… View Post

So, I apologise for the glut of pumpkin recipes. They’re cheap as chips in the post-Halloween days and make a nice alternative to butternut squash. That, and I ended up with seven pumpkins this year (you can read why here), which is probably mostly to blame in all honesty.

If you were to ask me my favourite place to visit in the world, Stourhead would be on the shortlist, if not at the top. A 1072 hectare estate in Wiltshire, Stourhead is a National Trust run estate and family home. It’s open to visitors 364 days a year – if you were… View Post

Jumping on the Halloween bandwagon this week. Not that we’re big Halloween celebrators here… in fact, previously we would sit in the dark and dread the doorbell ringing. The years I prepare and buy sweets no-one turns up so I have to eat them, the years I don’t we ended… View Post

I may have gone slightly overboard this Halloween.  I bought four pumpkins in various shapes and sizes much to the amusement of my family. What can I say, they looked really pretty and I wanted to take some seasonal baby pictures for a calendar. But what to do with them… View Post

As a coast dweller, I’ve grown up appreciating the beach during off season. In the summer it’s too crowded, too noisy and, if we’re really lucky, too hot. This time of year there’s nowhere nicer for a bit of respite from the hustle and bustle and nothing better for the… View Post

Weekend mornings are designed for two things; lazy lie-ins and bewitching breakfasts.  Now, I am not a breakfast person, in fact scratch that, I am not a morning person, full stop.  So weekends are about the only time I get to take part in morning food without it being a guilty mid-morning… View Post