Planning The Ultimate Family Wedding For Your Blended Family: Our Guide 

There are few things more wonderful than blending two families together to make one big one. Double the people, double the love, and double the fun. But that doesn’t mean to say that they’re without problems, especially when it comes to a wedding. It can be a particularly difficult time for children who are seeing one parent marry someone new, trying to figure out how they fit in, or perhaps even how their other parent fits in. It can also be tricky to figure out everyone’s roles, especially with more people of varying ages. But not to worry, here are a few ways to plan a family wedding that keeps everyone happy!

Keep everyone informed

The last thing you need when planning your wedding is family members getting stressed, confused or feeling left out. If you make sure everyone is informed of decisions that have been made and maintain open conversations, everyone will immediately feel involved and kept in the loop. Why not set up a family get-together once a week to update everybody on where you are with the planning – it also offers a great opportunity to ask everyone for their thoughts, feelings, advice and opinions.

Get everyone involved

The biggest thing with planning a wedding within a blended family is making sure no one feels left out. Make sure everyone has some involvement, whether you identify each family members’ strengths or simply ask them if there is anything they’d like to contribute. Perhaps one of the kids is super creative and wants to help design the invitations, or maybe someone else is a big foodie and can help with the menu. Whatever it is, letting them know you want their involvement will go a long way. And if they say thanks but no thanks, it’s the thought that counts!

Make sure the kids have an important role

A wedding in a blended family is usually the hardest on the kids, and can leave them with anxieties and worries about what it means for them. Sometimes they can even be left feeling pushed out, especially if they are slightly ignored during the planning process. An easy way to avoid this is to give each child a role in your wedding. Go big and include the kids as bridesmaids, groomsmen or flower girls, or if they prefer a job behind the scenes, there are plenty of things that will  need doing. 

Choose a venue with an ideal location

A blended family usually means a bigger family than most, so choosing a venue that is accessible for everyone is so important. Whether families are traveling far and wide, or some members of the family need extra help or have travel anxieties, choosing something that caters to everyone’s needs goes a long way. If you have a lot of family in London, somewhere like East Sussex or Essex offers an escape without travelling for hours. But do bear in mind that your wedding day is about you, so try to strike a balance between making sure family are comfortable while still making sure your day stays special and catered to your and your partner.

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