Pregnancy Calendar - Week Four

Pregnancy Calendar: Week Four

Use our pregnancy calendar to see what’s happening in your pregnancy each week.

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Week four is usually missed period week, meaning you’ve almost certainly freaked out a little and taken a test by now. Here’s what you can expect from week four of your pregnancy.

Your Baby:

Has set up home in your uterus

Is the size of a poppy seed


Have probably taken a test (or ten) by now

May have missed your period

Have sore boobs and maybe some nausea

Are exhausted. Might just take a little nap right n…

Week Four

That little blastocyst you created has made it’s way into your uterus and has set up home in the lining. Whilst it may still be very, very, very small (an entire millimetre in length), there’s a lot of work going on at this stage. Cells are separating into two types; those that’ll form the embryo and those that will help support it i.e. the placenta.

Though they may be tiny, they are mighty. In week four of your pregnancy, you may start to feel the effects of that poppy seed sized bundle of cells. It’s potentially this week that you’ll find out you’re pregnant, but you may have already had a few clues. Sore boobs? Period-like cramping? Nausea? Welcome to pregnancy, my friend. To enter, please pee on a stick or twelve.

It’s around this time I like to go through my pregnancy test obsession. Not content with having it confirmed once or twice, I like to go through a handful of tests including digital ones. Sometimes every couple of days. What can I say, every girl needs a hobby. For someone who seems to be peeing alot in week four, it’s also the time I’m hugely aware of my inability to pee on demand. Which is a shame because there’s a lot of urine sampling that goes on in later pregnancy.

Other fun things this week: bloating (I’ve just had a big lunch mum, honest), digestive problems (if it’s not nausea it’s another need to run to the bathroom *ahem*) and tiredness. Oh the tiredness. I’m talking bone-aching, eye-watering levels of exhaustion for absolutely no reason. Well, I guess we are creating life here. I guess I do deserve that nap. Oh no wait, I own a toddler.

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