Pregnancy Calendar - Week Twenty Five

Pregnancy Calendar: Week Twenty Five

Use our pregnancy calendar to see what’s happening in your pregnancy each week.

Shiny hair, more heartburn and an internal ninja baby. Here’s what you can expect from week twenty five of your pregnancy.

Your Baby:

Is moving around a lot now; kicks, jabs, twists… you’re basically housing Mike Tyson in tiny octopus form.

Is about the length of an action figure or a long ruler, whichever is easier for you to picture

Is all about the weight gain and hair growth


Have a uterus the size of a football and feel ginormous. Yay for fifteen more weeks of this.

Might be suffering from heartburn/indigestion due to rapidly running out of room inside your own body

Can probably see baby’s kicks from the outside now!


Week Twenty Five

Having passed the 24 week mark, your little one continues to develop and as each day passes has a far greater chance of survival should they be born. This week they’ll be putting down fat stores, growing hair and responding to both light and noise.

It’s from this week onwards that you might start to notice more of a routine from your baby. Even if that routine is all. sodding. night. Due to their growing size and strength you should be able to feel movements fairly well now so it’s time to start keeping more of a track on their activity. If you’re concerned anything has slowed down or changed, speak to your midwife as soon as possible to get checked out – I promise they’d rather you checked than potentially missed a problem.

It’s also around now that you’ll see a return of digestive joys such as heartburn and indigestion. For me, that means clinging to my bottle of Gaviscon more tightly than my grandma clung to her wine bottle. People say you can try cutting out fatty food, carbonated drinks etc etc in a bid to reduce it. As someone who appears to get it from drinking a glass of water, I’m going to rule this out as rubbish and continue to enjoy my daily Coca-Cola. This baby has stolen my sleep, my ability to wear regular clothes.. it’s not stealing my caffeine hit!

On the plus side, whilst I may be growing outwards at a slightly alarming rate, I can now rest my laptop on my stomach and I have incredibly shiny hair. It’s not even greasy. I don’t want to jinx it but I think this might be my body’s attempt at glowing.

Other fun things this week: is it normal to ache *whispers* ‘down there’? Whilst sleeping is far more comfortable this week, the random vag ache is slightly less desirable. Although, it does seem to shut people up quickly so…

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