Pregnancy Calendar - Week Twenty One

Pregnancy Calendar: Week Twenty One

Use our pregnancy calendar to see what’s happening in your pregnancy each week.

Noticing a few skin changes? Here’s what you can expect from week twenty one of your pregnancy.

Your Baby:

Is about the length of a carrot

Has started gearing up for their first poo. Yummy.

Is coated in vermix – that protective coating that helps keep their skin moisturised and protected whilst they’re in their long bath aka. your womb.


Welcome to bump touching territory

Should have had your anatomy scan by now. Meaning this week is a little dull in comparison.

Week Twenty One

As your stomach starts to expand at an increasing rate, your skin will stretch to accommodate it, making it thinner. As it thins you may find you get itchy patches. I’d love to say this will get better but the best thing you can do right now is make sure you moisturise your bump and surrounding areas (boobs, hips, bum… basically everywhere you can reach!) with something that’ll give it a little TLC. Generally there seems to be mixed messages on whether or not you can prevent stretch marks or if it’s genetic. But either way, a good pregnancy safe moisturiser isn’t going to hurt and may help keep you more comfortable. I’ve found cocoa butter and bio oil to do a good job, even if it does mean laying on the bed looking like a greased whale twice a day whilst it soaks in. Attractive, non?!

That’s not the only thing you’ll have to deal with skin wise, hormone changes mean that you may find yourself suffering with more spots than usual, or dry skin patches. Different pregnancies can affect you in different ways; with my first my skin went into oil production overload, this time it’s gone the other way and is super dry. Keep away from any medicated ointments or medications unless you’ve had them checked with your doctor and do your best to keep your skin cleansed and moisturised as much as possible. It can last for just a few weeks or stay until after your baby is born… sorry!

Other fun things this week: Ahhh energy, okay it might be in little bursts but it’s coming back. I even attempted a jog this week, which was obviously a mistake because I was stiff as anything for the next three days. But the thought was there, and it didn’t make me want to huddle under the quilt for the entire day so maybe this is a turn for the better!

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