Pregnancy Calendar - Week Twenty Two

Pregnancy Calendar: Week Twenty Two

Use our pregnancy calendar to see what’s happening in your pregnancy each week.

Where the hell is my glow?! Here’s what you can expect from week twenty two of your pregnancy.

Your Baby:

Is around 27cm – which for the fruit lovers, is about the size of a coconut. Not that I’ve ever measured one but…

Has fully formed eyes. They’ll lack pigment for a little while yet in the irises though


Might start to see some stretch marks beginning to appear. *sob*

Will be a raging pool of hormones, which apparently will make you want to have sex a lot. Or not at all. But what it will make you is fun to live with.

Week Twenty Two

It’s around this week that I found my bump exploded. I blamed Christmas excesses for a few weeks but the reality is this bad boy has now popped out and wants to make sure people know there’s a baby on board. With this explosion has come a new found challenge of dressing the bump – something that I looked forward to both times with my pregnancies. You should be coming out of the ‘someone loves the pies a little too much’ stage which lets face it, is always a relief. Unfortunately, it’s also around now I realise that maternity clothes look great on the models and far less cutesy on me. In fact, a small family could probably camp in some of the work dresses I now own.

Along with the bump, I’m actively waiting for my glow to arrive. We’ve passed the halfway point, sickness has subsided but sleep is still very much a possibility (make the most of it; a human playing football with your bladder at 3am will soon make this a distant memory in the forthcoming weeks), so I firmly believe my glow should be arriving any second.

This week I’ve had a pregnancy massage. My first one yet. Okay so it was really a long moisturising session given that she couldn’t do much more than that but to lay down in peace for 90 minutes was pure bliss. I’d recommend it to anyone that fancies grabbing a bit of me time before things get too far along. Although be warned, my body went into some kind of massive spasm at being treated so nicely and promptly repaid me with a hell of a cold and full body aches. Literally the last time I try and do anything nice for it.

Other fun things this week: According to the mass of books and websites I read, it should be around now that increased discharge starts appearing *down there*. I’ll be honest. I’ve given up noticing what’s happening. Sitting on the toilet is a nice break from constantly walking to it to pee every two minutes. I will tell you it’s getting tricky to maintain some form of control over the bikini line though. Right now it’s a ‘lets hope that looks acceptable’ situation. Ah well, at least I can’t see it.

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