Pregnancy Calendar - Week Thirty One

Pregnancy Calendar: Week Thirty One

Use our pregnancy calendar to see what’s happening in your pregnancy each week.

Aching joints? You might want to think about making some small changes… Here’s what you can expect from week thirty one of your pregnancy.

Your Baby:

Can turn their head from side to side

Is probably REALLY enjoying beating you up from the inside given how often they’re doing it

Weighs around 3.5lbs and is the size of a coconut, or some asparagus. Which are completely different sizes so I think these apps may be lying. Also, didn’t I say coconut a few weeks ago?!


Probably need to wee loads again, especially if the baby likes kicking your bladder *ahem*

Might be feeling the strain when it comes to your back/pelvis/hips

Should be embracing naps. You have nine weeks left. Make the most of it

Week Thirty One

From now until your due date it really is a case of baby piling on the pounds, literally. With all that growing it means things are getting crowded; lungs, bladder, stomach… all yours of course. You may find yourself short of breath, needing to wee again constantly and feeling full after just a few mouthfuls. Unfortunately, these symptoms are unlikely to go away prior to birth although you may find they ease as baby starts to drop down further into your pelvis.

One of the things I’ve found this week is a definite lack of comfort when it comes to my back, pelvis and hips. With the bump grooooooowing and getting heavier, it results in pulling everything into slightly different positions… great for baby but less great for you. If you find you’re getting aching joints, you may need to think about taking things a little easier – don’t forget you’re growing a human in there! Things like sleeping with a pillow between your knees can also help (or a mass of quilt if you’re like me; be warned, it’s not popular with the husband!), sitting supported on the sofa or with a cushion/support in the small of your back when you’re in the car or at a desk. If you’re on your feet lots, take plenty of rests wherever possible and wear trainers or supportive shoes if you can. Even little tricks like being careful how you get out of bed (keep those knees together!) or how you pull yourself up from the sofa can make a big difference).

I’ve noticed a big difference this second time round due to carrying a toddler, hefting them in and out of the car/cot/bath. There’s no easy way to stop this unfortunately, as much as I’d love to leave him in the cot all day, it’s probably going to be frowned upon… shame, that.

Other fun things this week: Oh baby. Those kicks and wriggles have taken a turn for the violent as baby continues to get stronger. Once again I find myself occasionally wincing and rubbing different parts of my bump. Ouch. On the plus side, it does seem to keep my work colleagues on their toes.

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