Preparing A Rental Property For A New Tenant

If you’ve bought a buy to let property, you’ll want it to be in good condition before a new tenant moves in. If you’re cleaning the property between tenants this is even more important, as nobody wants to move into a dirty home in ill repair. If the house is nice when people move in, you start on good terms with your new tenant and they’re more likely to try to keep the house nice.

Make Any Repairs

Go through the property and check for any repairs that need doing. Look out for small things like windows that stick or bathroom locks that are missing. Even small repairs will be annoying to a new tenant, and you don’t want to spend their first week having to come out to the property every couple of days to do tasks like tightening cabinet doors or resealing the bath. If you make a thorough check of the property first, you can save a lot of time later on. 

Have A Deep Clean

Give the property a thorough clean from top to bottom. You could bring in a professional company to do an end of tenancy clean to get things back to a very clean slate. Make sure to pay special attention to things like the bathroom, as these as the worst to find dirty when you move in somewhere new. Don’t forget to clean inside cupboards and the oven too. For carpets, use a company like Devine Rug Care to give rugs and carpeting a thorough clean. This is especially useful if the previous tenants were smokers or owned pets, as a deep clean will get rid of any lingering smells. 


You don’t need to do a full redecorate, but it’s always a good idea to repaint. A fresh coat of paint can make the house feel a lot lighter and brighter, and makes the house look like it’s in better condition. Choose a neutral shade like white or cream, so it will be suitable for all tastes and will go with any furniture style your tenant brings in. 

Make An Inventory

Before your new tenant moves in, go through the property and make a proper inventory. This should note down all the property details, like the condition of the house. Note down anything already in the house, like any furniture provided and any included fixtures and fittings. Check that the smoke alarms are working correctly and note where they are. Make a note of any appliances provided, such as an oven or a washing machine, and provide the manuals if you have them. If the property has gas, include the latest inspection certificate. 

Note any problems, like marks on walls or missing keys for the windows. Record things like the current reading on the electricity and gas meters too. The inventory will be a useful tool when the tenant moves out, as you’ll know what damage was caused by them and exactly what bills are owed. 

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