Quick, Cheap Tips For Redecorating

Buying a house is a difficult process, and your dream home may not always be immediately available…especially if you’re working within a tight budget, so you may have to opt for a bit of a project instead. With this in mind, many of us put a lot of time and effort making what we do have as faultless as possible. This mainly means playing up to your house’s strengths and concealing any flaws as much as possible. Here are some quick and cheap ways to freshen up your interior if you’re not in the mood to be spending loads of money, especially near Christmas! After all, a picturesque home doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and it’s an opportunity for you to get creative. 

Sometimes the simplest solutions can have the biggest impact, and it’s time to give your home a new lease of life with some easy touch ups!


It’s the most obvious place to start for a reason. A new coat or even a lick of paint is the perfect solution to instantly give your interior an extra buzz. It is a relatively easy and inexpensive way of freshening up your home. Whether you paint over your walls the same colour or opt for something a little different, it’s guaranteed to improve things. Statement feature walls have grown in trend in recent years, an easy cheap way to add character! You’d be pleasantly surprised by how a fresh coat of paint over your ceiling can greatly revive your room.

Paint doesn’t just work with walls and ceilings. Instead of buying new furniture, repaint old wooden furniture or add touch ups. White always makes things look brighter, but you can paint the furniture whatever you desire, customise to your heart’s content…


Before spending any money, look at what you already have and see how you can make things more interesting. Swapping around furniture from other rooms is a good place to start, there might have been something from another room that suits the room in question perfectly! Also, move the furniture around, it’s astounding how you sometimes feel like you have a whole new interior… 

Update Furnishings

Not looking to splash out on new sofas, tables or beds? Getting fresh new throws and fabulous cushions are a satisfyingly cheap way of covering up sofas you’re bored of and bringing the room back to life. Changing your curtains again is another fantastic way to mix things up, they are very influential to the look of the room, so even just changing these can drastically change the whole vibe of the room. Find bargains to suit your style from: IKEA, Asda Home, TK Maxx etc…


Consider purchasing pictures to throw on your walls for an instant, cheap lift. Family photos always liven up an interior, or your kid’s drawings – they’ll love seeing their artwork up around the house! Charity shops also have interesting frames and pictures…

Re-finish & Scrub Your Flooring

If you’re lucky enough to have wood flooring in your home, then you’ll no doubt know that sanding it down and refinishing it is one of its enormous benefits. Although incredibly durable and hard-wearing, scratches and stains can occur. If you’ve noticed these cropping up over the years but you’ve not wanted to splash out on a new flooring, then maybe it’s time to use this fantastic benefit. Most wooden flooring can be sanded down more than once, so you have plenty of chances before you need to worry about getting new flooring. 

If you don’t have wood flooring however, then bring in a carpet cleaner, purchase special vinyl and laminate cleaner, really put some elbow grease into scrubbing those stains, it’s no secret that a good deep clean makes anywhere look better. 


Now this is a completely free way of improving your interior. No matter how affluent looking your sofas might be, or how grand your work surfaces are, if there’s too much clutter it’s a fact that your interior wont impress like it should. Keep your surfaces clear of any unnecessary clutter, clean spaces and edges makes for a stunning contemporary look. If you are the sort of person that enjoys lots of ornaments, then pop them in the dish washer so they get their original shine back! 

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