Recipe: Homemade Falernum Rum

Have you ever wanted to make your own Falernum Rum? Fun, unique and delicious… that is one way to describe this drink.

It is fair to say that Falernum is a mysterious ingredient. If you search for a definition of this ingredient online, one thing is for certain; you will struggle to find two definitions that match. gives one definition. There is a lot of ambiguity surrounding the different spices and flavours used. The information is even conflicting in regards to the origin of Falernum.

So, what exactly is Falernum? Well, it is a flavoured syrup, which can be either alcoholic or non-alcoholic. It originated in Barbados. It can include a number of different ingredients. Nonetheless, the ones that most people tend to agree on are as follows, lime, cloves, and ginger. It is usually yellow in colour, but this is not always the case. Moreover, most Falernum has some sort of bitter almond flavour.

Now let’s take a look at two different cocktails featuring this type of rum…

RumDood’s Falernum #2

The first is a Falernum recipe for RumDood’s Falernum #2. In order to create this drink, you need to combine all of the following ingredients in a jar – 8 oz. Wary and Nephew Overproof Rum, 2 anise stars, 40 whole cloves, zest of 8 limes, 2 oz. Minced ginger and finally 2 oz. Lemonhart 151 Rum.

Leave the bottle to sit for 24 hours. Once this time has passed you should then use a coffee filter or cheesecloth to strain the contents of the jar through. You can buy coffee filters from Be sure to squeeze all of the liquid out of the solid ingredients.

You should then mix the liquid with the following ingredients – 1 oz. fresh lemon juice, 3½ oz. fresh lime juice, ¼ teaspoon of almond extract and 14 oz. of simple syrup. Once everything is thoroughly mixed your drink is ready.     

Captain’s Blood

The second recipe is one of the most delicious rum cocktails, known as Captain’s Blood. This is a really easy cocktail to make. All you need to do is combine the following ingredients and shake with ice – one dash bitters, ½ teaspoon of simple syrup, ½ oz. lime juice, ½ oz. Falernum and 1½ oz. rum. Simply strain into a cocktail glass and the drink is ready to be enjoyed.

So there you have it: if you are a fan of rum, you are definitely going to love the two drinks that have been mentioned above. Nowadays, it seems we are getting more and more experimental with the drinks we enjoy. Just take a look at all of the flavoured gins on the market today! Let us know if you try either of the drinks mentioned.

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