Review: Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier

When our son was born, there was one product that really won us over; the baby carrier. We tried wraps and slings but ultimately we wanted something quick and easy to use. Something that both Dave and I could get to grips with. Something that felt secure and safe yet cosy for our little one. And that something turned out to be a Baby Bjorn carrier. Back then we had the Original version but, after an unfortunate incident involving a bottle of Milton, it ended up structurally fine but looking rather worse for wear and once we’d finished with it, it made its way off to the charity shop.

This time around, I knew we wanted something similar. In the first few days with a newborn again I attempted to use the wrap but every time would worry that I hadn’t done it properly. Dave decided he’d rather use the bigger structured carrier but when we put our daughter into it it was just too big. Yet again we turned to Baby Bjorn; this time to work with them to review their new Mini carrier; designed for newborns. Here’s how we’ve gotten on over the last five months…

Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier

Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier Review

Who Are Baby Bjorn?

Baby Bjorn are a Swedish company started in 1961 specialising in products designed to support a child as they develop. Family owned, those familial qualities run through every item that they design. Their mission? To develop good, functional and safe products for very young children. Using their own experiences as parents, Baby Bjorn want to simplify daily life for families with young children (something I think we can all agree is vital!!). Not only that, but their products are known for their exceptional lasting power, unique safety points and genuinely great quality.

What Is The Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier?

The Baby Bjorn Mini carrier is very similar in design to the Original version. It still comprises of two main parts; the cross over arm straps and the padded fabric front panel that supports baby’s back. It’s small, light and comes in a variety of different shades and fabrics; we opted for the dark grey jersey version and it’s wonderfully soft. In fact, I end up stroking it every time I wear it. The main difference from the Original is that the seat area is 10cm wider, meaning even better leg and hip support for your little one in the inward facing position. A soft structured carrier, it allows you to baby wear confident in the knowledge that they’re secure and safe; leaving you to get on with other things, like entertaining the toddler.

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How Do I Fit It; Is It Easy?!

Fitting the carrier is easy. Place the two straps over your shoulders with the Baby Bjorn logo in the centre of your shoulder blades. Attach the carrier to the straps by placing the two buttons into their holder at the base of the front panel. Holding your baby up against your chest, pull the front panel up to cover them and clip the red side clip into its clearly marked, colour coordinated hole. Repeat on the other side with the blue clip. This is now holding the majority of your baby’s weight. Clip the two higher head support clasps in to the straps to give full support. You can hold your baby’s head closer to your body by tightening the two straps at the top of the front panel. Pull on the ends of the back straps (they’ll be under your arms at about waist height) to tighten the carrier if it feels a little loose. I often do this in order to help keep my little one at a nice height.

Once in position, you should find that your baby is held nice and closely up against your body. You should be able to kiss the top of their head without having to reach downward too much. However, if they’re a bit too high, you can adjust the height of the carrier by taking it off and adjusting the clip at the base of the front panel. This bit’s designed to allow the carrier to grow as your little one does. Explaining it word for word makes it sound far trickier than the reality is, I promise!

What’s It Like In Practice?

In our household, we both share baby wearing. If Dave’s out with us then nine times out of ten, he’ll wear the baby. I’ll use it around the house if she’s particularly fussy or when we go out for walks during the day. I love the adjustability of the Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier, it’s quick to change and easily fits both myself and Dave, despite our differences in height! For a small baby, I honestly haven’t found anything better. The Baby Bjorn Mini has all of the benefits of the Original that we loved before but with the added bonus of being even softer and more flexible. I love that my little one is better supported and she seems to enjoy the position it holds her in.

When carrying, the shoulder straps provide plenty of support and distribute our little one’s weight well across our backs. The Mini is specifically designed for the first twelve months and it’s fair to say that past that point you’d want something with more back/waist support to distribute the weight as the carrier can pull you forward if the baby isn’t held tightly enough to you. Despite this, at five months in, I find carrying our rather chunky monkey still a very comfortable process.

I tend to use it primarily for things like doing the food shop, walking the dog and quick trips in and out of the car where I don’t want to get the pushchair out or lug around the car seat. I can have it on in seconds, get her clipped into place with no hassle and normally she’ll drop straight off to sleep in it or sit happily chewing on the side (yay teething!) whilst she watches the world go round. Baby Bjorn do say that you can unclip the front panel, allowing you to lay baby out when you get home rather than wake them by having to disturb them. You can, or at least, in theory you can… personally, I always find that this tends to wake them as well but neither of our children have been particularly deep sleepers! That said, it does make a handy mat to lie them on if you get caught short!

Would I Buy One?

With both children I’ve tried using a wrap to carry them in, I know many of my friends find this preferably and whilst they’re teeny tiny I’d agree. However, I also find that I’m constantly tightening and holding a wrap to ensure it’s secure. I don’t trust myself that I’ve tied it properly! That’s a huge part of why I love the Baby Bjorn system; it’s ridiculously simple to put on with colour coded catches to ensure you get it right. Once in, my little one feels secure and there’s no loosening or slipping over time. Not only that but it’s easy to adjust between Dave and I – a quick tighten or loosen of the straps that go around your back and it’s done.

At £79 it’s not the cheapest carrier out there but it’s far from the most expensive and I believe constitutes real value for money when you consider cost per use. With both of our children, we’ve used this type of carrier and they wear incredibly well over time despite being used in all conditions. It’s secure, snug and has allowed us to continue with our every day lives with the baby just tagging along, snoring peacefully. Oh and did I mention it’s a great way to bond with your new babe? Honestly, I’d recommend it time and time again.

For more information on the Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier or to make a purchase, please visit the Baby Bjorn website.


  • Nicola | Mummy to Dex 31st October 2018 at 2:51 pm

    We were just discussing last night that we need to sort a carrier for this new baby so we can have our hands free for Dex and this doesn’t just look good, but sounds like it’s a real pleasure to use.

    • DevonMamaOnline 2nd November 2018 at 9:58 am

      It’s so simple to use, and so much easier than trying to carry them with your hands and juggle a toddler!

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