Review: Mountain Buggy Pod Highchair

When we first started our weaning journey, highchairs was one of the things I spent hours agonising over. I wanted something that would fit in to our family life without taking over, would be easy to use (and clean!) and most of all, would be comfortable for our son to spend half of his day in. We went for a ‘traditional’ highchair, the Cosatto Noodle Supa, which served us well through the first few months of weaning. I’m sure we’d still be using it today had we not gone on holiday and discovered the Mountain Buggy Pod highchair. A highchair that quickly found it’s way into our hearts for many different reasons. Intrigued? Read on to hear our review.Mountain Buggy Pod Highchair Review

Mountain Buggy Pod Highchair Review

What is the Mountain Buggy Pod?

The Mountain Buggy Pod is a twist on a traditional highchair. You may have seen them in restaurants; the Pod clamps directly on to your table or eating surface (it’s perfect for our breakfast bar!) allowing your little one to be as involved in the meal as possible. A solid aluminium frame is clamped at either side of its horseshoe shape, from which a sturdy fabric seat with plastic insert is supported. Its design means it folds flat in seconds and can easily be stored in a cupboard, under a buggy or even popped in a suitcase. Finally, it’s available in three colours; chilli red, lime green or flint grey; our colour of choice!

Mountain Buggy Pod Highchair Review

Tell me more…

Mountain Buggy describe their Pod highchair as ‘the ultimate portable highchair’ and they really aren’t wrong. Weighing in at just one kilo in weight, it comes with a handy storage bag to slide it into it and can be in place within moments. The two clamps will fit the majority of tables and surfaces, even those with a slight lip. Officially, it’s touted as fitting a surface from 1.8cm to 4.5cm wide. In practice, that means most tables we’ve found. Put it this way, we’ve used it extensively and never had an issue.

Let’s Talk Travel

Our Pod was initially a travel based purchase. We were off on a family holiday to Antigua and I wasn’t sure how available highchairs would be (there were loads FYI, but ours was the best). Having run out of time to give it a trial run prior to sliding it into the suitcase, I’ll admit to being a little worried it wouldn’t live up to the reviews I’d read. I needn’t have worried. Every meal time we took it with us, removed a chair from the table and used that spare dining space to screw the pod into place. It meant our son could eat off of the table, there was nothing to wipe down and at the end of the meal we just unscrewed it, brushed any stray crumbs off and stashed it back under the pushchair.

Mountain Buggy Pod Highchair Review

But what about when we got home?

At home, the Mountain Buggy Pod highchair performs just as well. Fitted to the breakfast bar side of our kitchen island, it allows him to be a part of the action, whilst allowing me to continue to do those fun parenting chores such as prepping dinner, washing up or (rarely!) sit with him and enjoy a moment of peace. With the design keeping him right against the table, we also use it for activities such as baking and drawing; basically anything where we want him contained and the mess limited!

Okay, okay, but what’s it REALLY like?

Honestly, I’m a little in love with our Mountain Buggy Pod. I’ve found it to be incredibly well made and sturdy as well as easy to use. The size of it makes it great for travel but also for homes with limited space or where you don’t want a highchair on display constantly (it’s a firm hit with the grandparents for this exact reason!). It’s easy to wipe down and after over six months of constant use, shows no signs of wear. You can also slip the seat off the frame to give it a proper wash – something we need to do after these spaghetti hoops shots!

Mountain Buggy Pod Highchair Review

Mountain Buggy say that you can seat a child from roughly 3 months to 3 years in here, providing they can sit on their own. For me, I’d say three months is probably a little early. The seat itself is quite deep and I’m pretty sure our son would have ended up constantly banging his head on the table in front of him. I’d wait until at least 6 months when they’re that little bit bigger although we’ve found that a year onwards has been perfect in terms of sizing. The highchair does have straps but they’re the one part that I would say is lacking. We’ve not managed to find a way to strap him in recently without them being very tight. Not that he’s needed them, the lack of having something to rest his feet on means he’s unable to lift himself up and out but I’d certainly use them on a smaller child.

Mountain Buggy Pod Highchair Review


At just over £50, the Pod is a more expensive travel solution than taking a booster seat which you can clip to a chair. However, as we quickly learnt, it’s far more than that. It’s a simple, well designed product that fits effortlessly into your lives, whether that’s at home, on a day out or off on a travel adventure. Honestly, you won’t regret it.

You can purchase a Mountain Buggy Pod from Amazon via this link! 



  1. 9th February 2018 / 10:56 am

    I absolutely LOVE this idea, I really wish there was a high chair like this when my children were toddlers. What a brilliant idea, great review.

    • DevonMamaOnline
      10th February 2018 / 12:20 pm

      I LOVE our pod. It’s literally one of my favourite purchases I’ve made as a parent!

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