Seven Reasons to Refresh Your Housewares This Spring

When spring begins to bloom, it is time to start refreshing your home. Transition your home from winter to spring-inspired elements to give your home a fresh, new feeling. When deciding how you want to upgrade your houseware, consider the natural color palette of your home. It will be handy when choosing colors and patterns to complement your home.  

Simple touches can go a long way to elevate the springtime in your home. Here are seven reasons to refresh your housewares this spring.

1. Increase Comfort

Switching out some throw pillows might not seem like a big deal, but when you transition into spring, a visual change and increased comfort can make a world of difference. Lighter fabric on your couch can keep you and your guests cooler while relaxing. Cotton and linen are great options to look for when keeping your couch cooler. 

Some things you can do are switching out decorative pillows with fabric like wool or velvet and replacing thick curtains with a light material perfect for cool breezes to come through. You can also replace heavy duvets with something lighter, like a quilt. 

2. Cleaner and Brighter Fabric

Replacing fabrics means you upgrade things like towels, sheets, comforters and more for an easy home makeover. With these types of items, there are a variety of colors and styles to match exactly what you want. Quality towels and sheets make it feel like you are staying in a luxury resort in the comfort of your home. 

These houseware items quickly show wear and tear over time, so replacing them is an excellent refresher for your home. Even things like dog beds can be upgraded too. 

3. Reframe Your Space

A rug has the power to change the look of your room. You don’t have to switch out rugs every season, but it can make an impact during the spring. Try playing musical chairs with your rugs, moving the living room one to the bedroom and switching them out. 

If you have rugs with patterns, you can replace them with something simpler for the clean house vibe. Good neutral options are sisals or jute rugs. You might even want to remove the rug altogether. You can let the flooring underneath shine for the season and bring it back once it is cooler. 

4. Spice Up the Look

Adding a new piece of art to the collection is a small and effective change. You don’t need to revamp your whole house with art unless you want to! Bringing in one piece of art that reminds you of spring can be the eye candy the walls need. Hang it in a place where you will see it often so you can enjoy it each day. 

If wall art isn’t your thing, a colorful accent piece could be a good idea. Spring is known for pastels and color accents that show everything is coming back to life. Consider bringing a pop of color to the home in any form. It can be by getting fresh flowers every week or a lamp or vase that adds something to the room. 

5. Eye-catching Tableware 

Now that the weather is warm, you may be more inclined to see your friends and hold brunches or dinners. Having tableware to match the season is a simple way to include spring pastel patterns and colors. Get creative with fun napkin colors, napkin rings, tablecloths and beautiful floral accents. Combine your style when choosing the tableware for your home. 

6. Updated Outdoor Space

Since you will be able to spend more time outside decorating your outdoor space will make it an enjoyable environment to sit and relax. Consider updating the area with rugs, throw pillows and comfortable furniture you love. Over time outdoor furniture can get worn down and needs an updated look. 

Extend the same indoor color palette from indoors to your outdoor space for a flow in the home. When outside, embrace more texture and patterns to bring your area to life. Some fun options are hammocks and wicker chairs. 

7. Adds Color and Shine

When you head outside to enjoy a refreshing spring cocktail, serve it on something unique. Although you can use an ordinary glass, something about a fun glass makes the drink better. You can get bright floral glasses or vibrant multicolor coupe glasses. Either way, they are a fun touch to enjoy any drink. 

Stained glass ornaments are a classic decoration to hang on your window. They come in various shapes, such as hummingbirds, flowers and greenery. It is best to put them in windows with a lot of light. They look amazing in the window and when light shines on them, they cast beautiful rays of color into your house. 

Refresh Your Home for Spring 

Spring is the season for cleaning and revamping your home. Besides tidying up, refresh your houseware for a new and improved spring vibe. 

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