Six Simple Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive Than It Is

Under the ideal circumstances, we would all love for an A-list designer to transform our home to radiate extravagance, sophistication, and more importantly, comfort. But the reality is our budget would not typically afford that luxury magazine look. A 2020 report indicated that homeowners in the UK spent a whopping £7.5billion more on renovating their home. The figure is expected to follow the same trend through to 2022 according to the latest survey. What if you could give your home that expensive look without breaking the bank? Well, these tips and tricks by professional home designers should give your home that luxurious look without running up your credit. 

Spruce it up with flowers

Adding luxury to your home should not always be an expensive adventure. A modest bouquet from your local florist can be everything you require to enhance your space. Moreover, if you’re looking for a wow factor, it’s all about how you organise the flowers and what jar you use when arranging them. To begin with, sort the flowers by stem type and then make a few plans to have them spread all over your home. The impact of this on your space is epic yet insignificant on your budget. If you do not find anything you fancy at the market, take a walk outside and cut a couple of trimmings off a tree and have it casually placed in a floor jar. 

Flatter your sight with some curtains

According to the famous designer, Peter Dunham, hanging curtains is like the lipstick of decorating, in that it makes the room appear complete. However, how you hang them is also essential. Experts often advise that you install your curtains as high and near the ceiling as reasonably possible and never directly over the window outline. This will appeal to the eye and give your home that loftier appearance.

Grab some new paint

This is one of the most inexpensive yet effective ways to add colour to your home. Nothing radiates a personalised feel more than impeccably shaded walls. As expensive and time-consuming as painting may be, it will add life to your home and make it look exquisite. Fortunately, you can save more money, by doing it yourself with your paint rollers and creative imagination. For that expensive look, you will have to consider the colours you choose. Need pointers? Begin by assessing colours of the items in the space, such as the furniture, rugs etc. Generally, neutral colours that go with everything are great choices. White and its complementary shades, for example, make any room look bigger, more luxurious, and airier, and they never go out of style.

Declutter before decorating

Before you begin decorating, get rid of the litter clogging up your space. Decluttering offers you a better view of the space available in your home and a better chance of crafting a cohesive style. It is okay to have a well-styled bookshelf, but a little bit too much will appear messy and cheap. Therefore, cut back on your accessories and only keep those items that feel important and exemplary. The cherry on top is that decluttering is also scientifically proven to improve the psychological feel of a home. 

Go for less furniture

The most straightforward approach to giving your home that expensive look is to adopt the minimalist approach. Rather than occupying your space with pointless furniture, take the “less is more” approach to keeping only those essential things you need in your room. Like the famous saying, “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”, go for the simple yet stylish fittings. The material you choose for your furniture also matters and so try to pick those that do not go out of style. For example, you can check out some leather Chesterfield sofas to add that luxurious feel to your home interior.

Add moulding

Install moulding to your boring walls for a classy look at a realistic price. Aside from those occasional artworks, consider adding moulding to your ceiling, seat rails, or baseboard as a unique home transformation idea. It does not always have to be anything too extravagant; just a simple piece can do the trick. While it might appear to be a little detail, a moulding can instantly make a bold and expensive statement to any room, especially in places like the kitchen and dining room. 

From landscaping and new painting jobs to interior room decoration, the aim is to transform your home into a more improved or expensive asset. Home improvement does not have to be costly either. With these simple adjustments, you are on your way to adding value to your home and giving it that majestic feel, even on a tight budget.

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