Five Good Reasons To Have Your Teeth Straightened

If your teeth are a bit wonky and you have not had them fixed, the chances are you do not think that it is important to do so. You are certainly not alone. Most people think that the only reason others have their teeth straightened is to look more attractive.

In many cases, this is true. But, did you know that wonky teeth can lead to health issues? Below is a summary of the main ones along with a few other reasons to finally get your smile fixed.

But, before we dive into that subject, I need to talk about the main reason a lot of people have not had their teeth straightened. Most people do not want to have to wear ugly braces for months. Fortunately, that issue has now been solved. Invisalign, which is a name for invisible braces, are made from transparent materials. In addition, they are far more comfortable as well as being far less noticeable. OK, so now you know you no longer have to wear ugly braces to have your teeth straightened here are the health reasons for doing so.

It is easier to keep your teeth clean

When your teeth are crowded together, cleaning between them properly is practically impossible. 

Lowers the chance of your losing your teeth

This puts you at a greater risk of dental decay. Lots of people avoid going to the dentist but for various reasons but cleaner teeth always stay healthier for longer.

Reduces the risk of developing bad breath

Being able to keep your teeth cleaner also makes it harder for bacteria to make a home in your mouth. This greatly reduces the chances of your developing bad breath.

Reduces your risk of developing certain heart problems

Recent studies have found a link between heart disease and periodontal disease. Those people who have tooth decay or issues with bacteria are between 24 and 35% more likely to develop some sort of cardiovascular disease. You can read some of the studies that uncovered this fact, by clicking this link.

Wonky teeth have a negative impact on your jawline

If your teeth are not straight or you have an overbite or underbite this will have an impact on how your jaw sits. This affects how you look, but can also lead to other issues. A jaw that is not straight puts more strain on your facial muscles and the hinge joint that attaches it to the rest of your face. Over time, this extra strain can lead to aches and pains, which can make eating difficult.

Some studies have shown that a poorly aligned jaw can be a factor in some people’s migraine headaches. It is also possible that this can make you more prone to snoring, or even, sleep apnoea. Although it is important to bear in mind that these studies are in their early stages, so, currently the data that supports this is not strong.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to get your teeth straightened. But, whether you do or not should be a personal decision. Do not let anyone else pressure you into doing it. Remember that having your teeth straightened requires you to be committed to wearing and cleaning your braces for many months.

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