The Ultimate Guide to the Best Temperatures for Vaping Weed

Vaping is in so many aspects dissimilar from smoking; for instance, when you smoke weed, you’re burning the weed at extremely high temperatures. While this gives you a good dose of CBD and THC, you’re losing a great deal of other cannabinoidsWhen you vape, you can regulate the temperature of your weed, allowing the release of specific cannabinoids dependent on temperature.

The Perfect Temperatures To Vape Weed

When smoking weed, you don’t have to worry about the right vape temperature since you’re just burning the plant and inhaling the smoke. But, if you want to vape it, you’ll need to know the correct temperature. This is why we created this post to explain and provide info about the best temperature to vape weed. A recent scientific study suggests that the best temp to vape weed is 347 and 392 degrees Fahrenheit or between 175 and 200 degrees Celsius. This temperatures bring the best balance between the smoothness of the vapor and efficient evaporation of terpenes and cannabinoids.

High-Temperature Vaping 

Vaping temperatures exceeding 370°F come close to combustion. Vaping at such high temps means the vape has a harsh taste and becomes more like smoke. At high temperatures, you can  extract down to the last THC molecule. When it comes to terpenes, linalool,  doesn’t boil until the temperature hits 390°F. Well-known for its anxiety-relieving and calming properties, linalool also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The compound also helps persons with insomnia owing to its relaxing nature. Nevertheless, it’s not the ideal temperature if you want reap the benefits of other terpenes. 

Lower Temperature Vaping 

Low temperature for vaping is considered to be about 325 ° F up to 350° F. When vaping weed at lower temperatures the effects you’ll get are suppressed. Low temperatures are perfect for those that want a fresher taste from their weed. The vapor that is created will also be cooler. A cooler vape means it’ll also be less irritating to your lungs and throat. Other side effects of cannabis can be eased as well, like getting very red eyes will lessen and your mouth might not get as dry. Some individuals get paranoid when they smoke weed, but vaping at a low temperatures can help decrease paranoia. Also, the high that you get from vaping cannabis can be less and you shouldn’t feel as woozy, but you still get the calming effect that so many seek. 

High Temperature vs. Low Temperature

As highlighted above, the perfect temperature for each vape varies based on many factors and boils down to personal preference. Here’s a look at the main difference between vaping at a high temp vs. low temp:

High Temperature:

  • Releases more herbal trichomes (the tiny hairs holding the plants molecules for effect, aroma and flavor) 
  • Burns if it get too hot
  • Results in thicker, bigger vapor
  • Harsher than lower temperatures
  • Ideal for liquids, oils and waxes

Lower Temperature:

  • Lower temps may not release the full potential of your dry herbs, waxes, oils, or liquids
  • Can get exceptional flavor and aromas using a lower temperature 
  • Won’t release all the important herbal compounds if temperature is too low 
  • Smoother, thinner,  vapor
  • The cooler vapor means it’s easier on your lungs.
  • Ideal for dry herbs and less harsh when using liquids, oils, and waxes

Health Benefits of Vaping​​​​

Below are some of the benefits of vaping weed.

You Inhale Less Smoke

When you smoke, you breathe in a lot of smoke into your lungs. This is most likely the reason why smokers cough more often. Vaping produces water vapor, which is quickly absorbed. You don’t  have to take deep or multiple puffs from your vaporizer. 

Vaping Gives off Less Toxins

Smoking marijuana has less adverse effects compared to smoking tobacco. The process of burning the plant to get high creates carcinogens that might harm your delicate lungs. Smoking also produces lung irritants and lots of non-cannabinoid compounds.

Saves You Money

When you buy a vaporizer, you cut on the expenses you initially incurred while purchasing pipes, bongs or a rolling paper. You also get maximum effects of THC; hence, no need to smoke weed in excess.

Vaping Negates Some Effects of Smoking

Smoking has many side effects on the human respiratory system. The effects are often difficult to reverse. Nonetheless, vaping has positive effects on the lungs of former smokers. Vaping helps your lungs to start the self-healing process. Optimum temperature helps you avoid unpleasant tastes and unwanted side effects. As highlighted above, the temperatures that you choose are dependent on your medication and medication needs, the strain of weed, type of vaporizer, and your tolerance to weed. 


We hope that you’re now fully informed on how temperature can affect your vaping experience and you’ve found out how to get the perfect vape. Happy Vaping! However you should realize that constant vaping can lead to decaying teeth, thus regular dentist checkup. You can find a good dentist in dubai.

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