Three Bathroom Fixtures You Need In Your Family Home

Being a parent is no easy feat. From initially growing your child in your womb, to childbirth, and then raising them, it can take a lot out of you. Therefore, you may want to make some changes in your home to make it safer and more enjoyable for you all. When considering adapting your bathroom, you may want to think about your own needs as well as those of your children. This could help you to find ways to unwind after a hard day, or at least make bath time and the subsequent clean-up easier for you.

A vanity unit

For many parents, bathing or showering may be a daily necessity that they don’t often get to enjoy in peace. Due to this, you may want to think about the ways that you can gain as much enjoyment out of those moments as possible. One such idea could be to opt for luxury vanity units that can allow you to sort out your eyebrows, pay better attention to your skincare routine, or help you when applying makeup. Having one with a matching basin could really give a well-rounded look to that space, especially if you can then match it with additional fixtures you want to have. This vanity unit can also be a great way to help your children learn to brush their own teeth, as they can then watch what they are doing or emulate you.

Have an anti-scald valve installed

As your children grow, they may want to start doing things for themselves. When it comes to using the taps in the bathroom, you may worry about them burning themselves. While many newly built homes may come with anti-scald valves installed, this may not be the case for older properties. Purchasing one, and having it fitted properly, can help to prevent you or your child from being scalded when using the hot water tap. Should you find the water still running too hot or cold, you could then simply adjust the valve until it gives you the temperature range you desire.


Clever storage solutions

You may feel like your days of having a neat and organised home are all but gone since having children, but that doesn’t need to be the case. Rather than allowing toiletries and bath toys to run amok throughout the room, you may instead want to think about installing some chic storage options. This could include storage out of your child’s reach for toiletries, razors, and other potentially harmful items, as well as child-level storage that they can then learn to put their own toys away in. The result can be a bathroom that is accessible and enjoyable for everyone who uses it.

Changing your bathroom could help you to feel like you have more luxuries in your life, even with all the responsibilities that come with parenthood. Some of these may also help you to prevent injury to your child, as well as to cut down on your chores at the end of the day.

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