Three Local Holidays to Look Forward to After Covid

With the news that restrictions are set to begin easing soon, we can all begin to think about what we would like to do when this is all over. While international travel is probably not the best idea right now, investing in our local attractions is a great way to boost the economy a little as we begin to get back to some semblance of normal. No matter where you live, there are many places you can visit either right on your doorstep or by travelling a small distance and it is important to get to know your local areas and uncover some hidden gems that you might otherwise miss.

Most places aren’t too far from attractions and amenities and some great local holidays could include:

  • Seaside towns
  • Lodges
  • City breaks

Seaside towns are the lifeblood of most countries’ economies attracting many visitors while lodges are a great escape into the solitude of the forest and city breaks can be an excellent way to discover the treasures of a region.

Watch Out for Seagulls

A family, or indeed a solitary vacation to a coastal area is a great way to spend some time in your local region and will provide a much-needed tourism boost to the local bars, restaurants and hotels. Having more in common with accommodation at university than a 5-star hotel, the humble seaside B&B is usually operated by people knowledgeable about the area who can point you in the direction of the best local attractions. Of course, most seaside towns are situated next to beautiful beaches and offer all the childhood delights for kids and adults alike. Ice cream vans, donkey rides and wading in the water are amazing family pastimes and with travel restrictions in place for the foreseeable future, the family holiday looks a little different than most have been used to.

Back to Nature

The more solitude-oriented family or individual will probably take the most comfort in a lodge cabin somewhere in the middle of the forest away from others and amongst nature. An amazing way to spend some spare time and actually relax, modern lodges are usually equipped with modern accessories and more. Lodge cabin holiday operators, for example, cater to couples just as much as families with their hot tub cabins, large stone fireplaces and outdoor brick barbecues. These are the types of holidays that are meant for pure relaxation and are usually located close to other activities such as petting zoos, spas and gyms.

Indulge Yourself

A more prevalent holiday of recent times, the city break has become a popular attraction for couples needing a little break from their daily lives with some free time to explore some of the niceties that a particular city has to offer. Usually placing you in a plush hotel in the city center, a city break means that you are located in the heart of the action.

Larger cities such as London, Paris or New York have a vast amount of attractions such as museums, libraries, parks and animals but most people tend to indulge their senses when in a new city by taking in the sights in the day and then the nightlife when the sun goes down. Food, drink and entertainment are available by the bucket load in a modern city. The only tough choice is where to go.

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