Three Methods For Beating The Dreaded Car Commute

If there was one part of our day that we’d like to save time on, or just get rid of it completely, is the daily commute. While you may be working at home, there is still that little matter of the school runs, so what are the things that we can do to make sure that we survive that dreaded commute? 

Regular Car Maintenance

It sounds so simple, but the less you look after your car, the higher the likelihood that something will go wrong. This means getting into the habit of doing the basic maintenance checks, such as checking the oil level and tyre pressures but also making sure that you have a solid set of tyres in the first place. These days, it’s easier than ever to get tyres from numerous suppliers, such as Ozzy Tyres, but also don’t forget your car insurance. If you have recently changed your insurance policy, having only driven a few miles in light of the pandemic, you will need to make sure that it reflects your current mileage. 


One of the downfalls of the daily commute is that we can easily drift in and out of concentration. The daily commute can be very boring, and this is why it’s so important to get into the mindset of staying focused. Sometimes, you can take the route for granted, and this is why you may want to switch things up where possible. Changing the route, for example, or leaving at different times could make a massive difference. When you’re doing the school run, try your best to make it fun for everyone, but also remember that you’ve got to pay attention. It’s not easy if you have children squabbling in the back, but changing the route will at least mean you’ve got a new set of surroundings that can make things interesting. 

Using the Commute Effectively

This is something you might not have considered, especially when you are on autopilot, but if you do struggle to focus, having something that can help you to regain your focus on the road can make a big difference. It’s important to choose an activity that will help you remain in the moment. Some people like to listen to podcasts while they are driving, but the danger is that they will focus more on the podcast than anything else. You can try learning a language, through one of the many audio programs, but again it’s about making sure that you are not focusing too much on the material. However, listening to music while driving is a great way to reduce stress, so playing songs that lift your spirits and take your stresses away will make a massive difference. 

These are a few things that will make the daily commute less stressful, but one of the most important ways to reduce the stress of the commute is to tackle your stress triggers. Learning how to unwind and relax away from the car will also put you in a better frame of mind for those morning and afternoon journeys.

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