Three Outdoor Seating Ideas For The Summer

In a couple of months, the season known for its longer days and warmer nights will set in. It will be time for outdoor relaxation and entertaining. Although the raging pandemic may not allow you to entertain guests as much as you’d have wanted, you still have the option to make yourself and your household happy. Already, there’s been a 65% increase in residential outdoor projects, making it an ideal time for you to read this piece. What plans have you set in place for your outdoor seating this summer? Get some ideas here as you plan your perfect days of the season.

Outdoor bar stools or deck chairs

You’ll most likely want to have a private cocktail moment with family, a partner, or by yourself during the summer, and bar stools are the perfect addition. They’re characteristically long, sturdy, and in most cases, metallic. Others are wooden, but you must exercise caution with these. For instance, you should avoid placing a wooden-legged bar stool in a grassy area or a place with bare soil, as wood tends to rot quicker when placed in these areas. There’s no harm in putting wooden bar stools in a grassy area for a few hours only if you intend to place them back on concrete, tiled, or gravelled floors.

If deck chairs are your style preference, there are several designs in different price ranges to suit every budget. If you’re particular about maintaining uncluttered outdoor spaces, folding deck chairs will be ideal for you as you can fold them away and use them whenever you want. Additionally, they’re lightweight, making them easy to handle. However, their lightweight nature doesn’t mean they’re not durable. On the contrary, they’re robust and secure.

Outdoor sofas for a family feel

Most families love to spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer, especially during the nights and weekends. Outdoor sofas give an indoor feel, perhaps due to the comfort they offer. You can get creative by placing some loveseats around your outdoor coffee table. For a more appealing effect, arrange these comfortable seats around your fire pit. However, leave a safe distance between the fabric-covered sofas and the fire pit. In some households, the preference is four feet away, while others opt for three feet. The objective is to provide a safe walking room while minimising the risk of burns. As you consider your outdoor sofas, you should also consider purchasing mildew-resistant fabrics and those that wouldn’t fade over time.

Outdoor daybeds

Snoozing outdoors in the summer is the perfect leisure activity, especially at sunrise and sunset. An outdoor daybed makes this activity even more comfortable. Although there are different types, the circular sun bed is an excellent choice. Besides shielding you from the sun because of its canopied design, it has a retractable covering you may find helpful, depending on how sunny it is. Indeed, the outdoor daybed is a unique seating you and your family will discover beneficial this summer.

Enjoy the summer as much as you can without limiting your creativity. Take a look around your house and opt for outdoor seating that complements your space and general outlook of the house. Hopefully, these three ideas sparked an interest to begin shopping for some outdoor seating as summer approaches. 

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