Throwback Thursdays: Mummy's Diary

Throwback Thursdays: Mummy’s Diary

It’s that time of week where it can only mean one thing; it’s time for our Throwback Thursdays series! Each week, you’ll be able to find more about the childhoods of some of the very best parenting bloggers; their treasured memories and best bits, even how their own upbringing has affected their parenting style. So settle down and get comfy, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane.

This Throwback Thursday, I’m joined by Katie from Mummy’s Diary. Katie’s blog started as a way to document and explore the adventure that is having ‘two under two’. Thankfully they’re now a little older but Katie’s kept blogging and shares stories and moments from their lives, along with recipes and recommendations which have helped that adventure go smoothly. Today she’s sharing memories of growing up as a twin and losing her mother to cancer.

Throwback Thursdays: Mummy's Diary

Hi I’m Katie…

I’m 30 years old and mum to a 3 year old boy and 4 year old girl. We live in the beautiful South Wales Valleys. We love outdoor adventures, travelling and crafting! I grew up in a typical family of 4, mum, dad and my twin sister in a lovely little village in Cardiff. I’d describe my childhood as a normal childhood. My parents would regularly take us on days out and holidays. I have very fond memories of my childhood. My mum was, however, diagnosed with ovarian cancer when we were around 11 years of age. At that age you don’t really understand what’s going on, our mum was such a trooper she never let it stop her from doing anything.

My earliest memory is…

In our first house. It was a sunny day and dad had put the swimming pool up in the garden for us to play in. I remember my mum walking out of the kitchen into the garden and my dad pushing her fully clothed into the pool! We obviously found it hilarious and so did mum, she was just such a great character!

Throwback Thursdays- Mummy's Diary

My Throwback Thursday photo…

Is from when we’re around 15 or 16 in this photo. This is on holiday I think to Spain or the Canary Islands with our mum and dad. Even though mum had had chemotherapy for her cancer, she still enjoyed going on holidays and having fun. This photo sums up all that I remember of my childhood, good times and memories made to cherish. Its special as it’s one of the few photos that I have with mum before she passed, just enjoying normal family life and not letting anything stop her. We had such a great holiday and she had the best sense of humour.

The best bit of growing up…

I would definitely have to say is having my sister to grow up with. We didn’t always get on (as siblings don’t!) but we had a really good relationship and still do. The worst would have to be the frequent hospital trips for my mum, it was hard to watch her when she was poorly and to not fully understand what was going on.

I want my children to experience… 

The holidays, I can vividly remember playing on the beach with my mum and dad and eating out at restaurants but I also remember being at home and all sitting down for Sunday dinner or playing Monopoly. We really try to make an effort taking the kids of day trips and on holidays taking photos of our time so they can be cherished and remembered fondly. I still have a bit of work to do on the Sunday dinners though – nothing compares to mum’s cooking! I try not to relate my parenting to that of my parents beyond that, although I do feel that I am more of a relaxed parent to a certain point. I remember not being able to go on school trips abroad or overnight, or even having sleep overs at friends houses. I think I would be a little bit more flexible in that approach.

Throwback Thursdays- Mummy's Diary

It’s harder growing up these days… 

I actually think children have it harder than we did. In the sense that we pretty much had to make our own fun, we didn’t have all of the games consoles and technology available to us that there is now. I think there is an expectation nowadays to have the latest gadgets or to have the latest fashion trends. If you don’t you may not be seen as cool, there’s a lot of pressure in the respect. I also think that when I was growing up it was more relaxed in terms of letting us go out to play. There really wasn’t as much concern for stranger danger as there is these days.

If I could be any age I’d be…

Quite young around 2 or 3 years of age. You have the best fun and not a care in the world, if my children are anything to go by just one look and you can get away with anything! Plus at this age they still enjoy lots of cuddles from mummy and daddy!


Thanks for sharing your memories with us Katie! If you’d like to keep up with Katie’s adventures, you can follow her on Twitter and Facebook or subscribe to her blog; Mummy’s Diary.

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  • Nicola 5th May 2017 at 1:39 pm

    Another fab post. It’s so interesting learning a bit more about bloggers and what better way than to read about their childhood.

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