Preparing Yourself And Your Toddler For Education

There comes a time in your and your toddler’s life where they will attend their first school. It is a scary but exciting moment and a huge part of your child’s next chapter in life. For parents on the cusp of the next chapter, here is how to prepare yourself and your toddler for education. 

Choosing and visiting nurseries

Your child will likely head to a nursery or pre-school as their first step into education. Thus, choosing the best nursery and visiting them with your child will ensure that you are choosing somewhere that your toddler feels comfortable. When visiting the place of education, ensure to let your child play and chat with the teachers to see how they react. You will soon see how comfortable they feel and ensure that you are choosing the best place for your toddler. Taking your toddler to the place they will attend before they go will also improve the dreaded car commute. Some children will make a scene of going to school for the first few times. Therefore, if they recognise the route and know what they are heading into, they will feel more comfortable and make less fuss.

Ask your toddler how they feel

Talking to your toddler and asking how they feel will help you understand their negative and positive thoughts about going to school. It will help you understand their needs and be there for them so that they feel as comfortable and at ease with the process as possible. If they are confused, just ensure that they know it will be fun for them and not discuss any possible issues as it might worry them. 

Let them know the schedule

Each educational practice will have its own schedule and after choosing the place, you can ask the teachers what to expect. This will ensure that you can help your toddler understand what to expect when they go in for their first day. You could mimic the schedule at home and have a ‘day in school’ so that your toddler feels prepared and comfortable with what’s to come. 

Point out positive aspects

Education is a positive part of life, but some children fear education. Therefore, it can help to point out positive aspects. For instance, you can let them know that there will be time to play with friends and have fun in-class activities where they can sing, dance, and act. Letting your toddler know the positive points of education will improve their excitement to attend. 

Let them know it is okay to be nervous

Should your toddler be nervous, let them know that it is okay. Most children get nervous and letting your toddler know that will help them feel at ease. When they know that other people feel the same, then they will know that they are not alone. Getting them to meet some other children that are joining will help them feel at ease and more comfortable on the first day as they will have someone to talk to and play with. 

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