What are the Benefits of a Fully Tiled Bathroom?

When you are considering changing the appearance of your bathroom, you may want to look beyond the furnishings. It can be quite important to consider what you will use for the walls and flooring, and how this can affect your enjoyment of the space. You may want to think about the variety of benefits of tiling all of the flooring and walls, rather than just the areas near your bath or shower.

Firstly, having the bathroom tiled can be a fairly easy process. This is something that you could potentially do yourself, especially if you already have some understanding of spacing and grouting. Otherwise, it can be quite simple to find a professional tiler at Checkatrade who can complete the work for you. There are a number of tiles you can choose from, meaning you may be able to find something that suits your style of interior design. This may also allow you to match the tiles with the new bathroom suite you use. By hiring someone else to conduct this work, and purchase the tiles, you may be more likely to have the job completed successfully, without any damaged tiles, uneven sections, or poorly placed grouting.

Using tiles may also be that much more hygienic. It can be a lot easier to wipe dirt or toiletries off of porcelain or ceramic tile than it may be to attempt the same with paintwork or carpet. You might want to consider the use of an anti-mould grout as well. This way, you may be considerably less likely to need to deal with the dismal black mould marks that can occur in bathrooms and wet rooms due to excessive moisture. You could then spray them down with your chosen bathroom cleaner, and wipe off any grime and residue. Taking a little care to make sure you have washed off products can also improve their longevity. A quick wipe may be far simpler than the amount of scrubbing or repainting, that might be required on other surfaces.

You may also want to completely renovate the room, especially if the previous décor is considerably outdated. Tiled walls and floors can be seen as quite a modern design choice, so could help drastically alter the look and feel of the space. You may want to consider some of the colours that are deemed to be in fashion. Alternatively, to try and minimise the likelihood of your bathroom becoming outdated once more, you could opt for neutral tones of black, white, or grey, which can look both fashionable and timeless.

Changing your bathroom can be a rather large task. You may want to ensure that it is truly fit for its purpose. One concern you may have about tiling can be the potential for a slipping hazard, especially in damp conditions. However, this can quickly, and affordably, be overcome with the placement of some gorgeous bathmats. This way, you can have the style and design without needing to worry about injury when using the room.

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