What To Look For In A Car For Your Family

This guide to buying a family car will help steer you towards choosing a car that’s right for you and your kids. You might have bought cars for you based on how fun they were to drive or what special features they had, but buying for the family is different, with lots more to consider, from the seats to onboard safety features. 


Safety is always important, but when you’re transporting your family, it’s even more important. Most modern cars have good safety ratings, so you don’t need to worry too much about finding one the meets this need. If you’re looking at a used car, like a used Volkswagen for sale, make sure you check the safety rating. The easiest way to find a safe car is to check the Euro NCAP rating. This is the European standard for car safety, with models of car graded from 0-5 depending on their on-board safety features and performance in crash tests. For family cars, it’s always best to buy a car with a 5 Euro NCAP rating. That means you know your family is as safe as possible when on the road and to give you more peace of mind. 


Cars built for families are often more expensive than smaller city cars, so your budget might need to go a little further if you want a car with all the features you want. There are affordable family cars out there, but you will need to be savvy with your search to find a model that meets all your family’s needs. Think carefully about what you can afford to spend before you start looking for a car. Doing this before you start will help you stick to a sensible budget and not get carried away and overspend. It will also make your search easier as you can narrow down the options when you start looking at different models. Using finance to buy your family car is another option, which will let you buy a newer or higher spec model whilst spreading out the cost of your car. 


Functionality might be lower on your list of importance behind space and the number of seats when you choose a car, but it is still worth considering. Added extras like smartphone integration and touch screen infotainment systems for passengers in the back seat are useful things that are nice to have to keep everyone entertained on long trips. Features like restricted driving mode settings are great if you plan to lend your car to your teenager.

Durability And Ease Of Cleaning

With stains, tears, scratches, and fingerprints to deal with, whichever car you choose needs to be durable and hard-wearing enough to deal with the wear and tear of family life. Finding a car with a good build quality at an affordable price can be hard, but paying a bit more can help in the long-term if the interior stays looking its best for longer. Get a car that is easy to clean, with minimal nooks and crannies where dirt can build up. Material choice is important as well. Leather seats are more stain and water-resistant, and some plastics are less prone to scratches and marks than others. 

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