When It Comes to Tyre Wear, Which Tyres Wear Out Faster?

Various factors impact your tyre wear, and they range from the materials from which your tyres are made to the way you drive upon them, and even the weather in which you are driving. Let’s take a look at which tyres wear out faster and why before you invest in a new set of tyres. If you are looking for affordable yet premium tyres, you must consider Eco Tyres Stevenage Centre for great deals.

Their Position on the Car

Due to the way cars move, the tyres at the front wear faster than those at the back, and due to the stresses of cornering – even at moderate speeds – the outer edges of the tyre wears faster than the more protected inside edges. This is why tyre rotation is recommended – it keeps mixing up the tyres so all edges and contact surfaces wear more or less evenly, ensuring you get the maximum wear from your tyres over their lifetime.

The Material They are Made From

Summer tyres are harder and have less give than winter tyres, making them perfect for use in dry and ‘normal’ road conditions. Winter tyres work well in winter because the rubber content is higher, which helps them to stay flexible even in freezing conditions – but this also means that they are softer than summer tyres and, if used in dry or summer conditions, they will wear very easily and need replacing often – think of a very soft pencil eraser compared to a more rigid pen eraser to get an idea of the differences.

The Quality of Tyre They Are

There are, loosely, three types of tyre:

  • Budget tyres, which are cheap and cheerful, made from the cheapest rubber the manufacturer can source, made using fairly old technology – and therefore not quite as effective as premium tyres – but still within the expected legal standard for tyres in use in the EU and UK.
  •  Regular tyres, which are made from good quality rubber, using some of the newest aspects of tyre innovation, but not quite the latest cutting edge, technologically speaking. You could say that regular tyres are last season’s premium tyres, with that model’s innovation now accepted and – often – made cheaper as processes have been streamlined.
  •    Premium tyres, which are the very best . All the top tyre manufacturers have research and development departments which are constantly finding improvements to make in tyre technology. The best of these are implemented to produce the finest tyres possible – often with a correspondingly high price tag.

They Way You Drive on Them

Finally, it doesn’t matter what quality your tyres are: if you are rough on them – driving off-road, passing over potholes instead of avoiding them and generally not driving with due care and attention, you are likely to damage your tyres, causing them to wear out faster.


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