Four Tips For Creating A Cosy Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary away from the rest of the world, a place to wrap up warm, relax and sleep soundly. In reality, most people’s bedrooms are not so blissful (especially if you’ve got kids of any ages or a busy lifestyle). So, consider reclaiming the space and turning an unloved space into a little haven for yourself. Follow these four simple steps to updating your space and creating a cocoon to relax and sleep in. 

Simple fixes

Turning a bedroom from a functional space into a relaxing room doesn’t have to mean a total renovation. Small changes like replacing tired curtains and rugs with plush replacements in muted colours and interesting fabrics, can make a huge difference. So, with a critical eye, consider your room and see what can be improved. Maybe that means replacing tired bed linen with new, crisp linen. Or that could mean adding sumptuous throws and cushions to your bed to make it into a relaxing nest. Rugs can change the whole dynamic of the room (especially if they’re soft) as you can bury your toes in the rich fabrics. 

Let there be light

The lighting in bedrooms can be tricky. It needs to be light enough during the day to be a useful space, but in the evenings you need to be able to create soft lighting that will help you drift off to sleep eventually. The most practical way to achieve both is to have effective overhead lighting and then scatter lower light sources across the room. That way, in the evenings you can light your room with low, warm lighting that make the place feel cosy and relaxing. Make sure to pick up warm bulbs for these lamps – there’s nothing worse than harsh white/blue lighting. 

Change up the furniture

Just like a dining table is the focus of a dining room, beds are (quite clearly) the focus of the bedroom. So, consider how changing this large piece of furniture can change the whole feel of your room. With so many different styles of bed to choose from, replacing your own one can feel daunting. Consider choosing an elegant, timeless style like a sleigh bed over a piece that could date the decor of your room in a few years.

Bring the outside in

Filling your room with pops of green in the form of plants and flowers can change the feel of the place. Generous pots of beautiful plants like monstera deliciosa or beautiful trailing plants that hang from shelves can make a room feel cosy yet alive. Plants in bedrooms look great, there’s no doubt, but they also serve another purpose. They have health benefits such as filtering the air and creating soothing smells. For example, lavender helps induce deeper sleep and snake plans are natural air purifiers. And if you need a little help falling asleep, valerian plans are used to help cure insomnia. 

Hopefully, these four tips will give you some inspiration for updating your bedroom. As the cold nights draw in, there’s no reason not to have a cosy space for yourself! 

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