Five Ideas To Save Water Around Your Home

We all need to use water in our daily lives, but using too much can adversely impact the environment and increase your bills too. If you’re looking for a few neat ideas to save water around you home, try these five.

Water saving washing machines

To save water in your home the best thing to do is to choose a water saving washing machine. If you have a newer machine it may be water-saving already, generally speaking it’s the older washing machines that are less energy efficient. To save even more, wash full loads only and stop using the extra rinse feature.

With the Fisher & Paykel washing machines, you can use the hot and cold fill feature. Using this option you can use hot water directly from your water supply, which may help you to conserve energy. Have your machine serviced regularly, as its performance will affect how much water is used. You can also purchase fisher and paykel washing machine parts to make any fixes and adjustments yourself.

Water saving shower heads

Another great way to save water in your home is by purchasing a water saving showerhead. You can get two different types of water shower heads, aerating and non-aerating. Aerating shower heads function by combining air and water together, this offers a nice and soft shower. Non-aerating shower heads work by providing a restricted water flow using tiny holes. Both types are simple to install, and you should be able to do it yourself by following the instructions.

Water saving toilets

Dual flush toilets can help you to save water by providing flushes at different volumes. One flush is low volume, the other is high. With these toilets, you can switch between the two flushes when you need to. Dual flush toilets have a bigger trapway than conventional toilets, meaning that you’ll experience less clogging. Some people find that they are using a toilet brush more often, since these types of toilets use less water. With water conserving toilets and showers you’ll create the perfect bathroom!

Rain water collectors

If you collect rainwater, you’ll stand to save money on your energy bills. Rainwater can be used as either a backup source, or a main source of water. You can use it for everything from washing clothes to dishes. If you’re a keen gardener you can also use rainwater to water the plants and flowers in your garden.

Water saving apps

To help you to save even more water there are several water saving apps available. One such app is Dropcountr, it’s a free application which you can connect up to the various utilities in your house. The app can provide you with data on your water usage and also alert you to any leaks within your home. E-Water Footprint is an app which can estimate your water usage based on the data you provide.

Simple changes to your habits can help you to save water around your home. Remember to turn off the water when you brush your teeth and only fill up your kettle with the amount that you need.

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