Why Black Is Back For Door Ironmongery This Spring

Black is no longer an accent tone for living room walls or bathroom floors, black is back and bigger than ever. You’ll find it in all types of furniture, walls, floors, doors and even ironmongery, from door handles to door hinges and here’s why you should also jump in the black bandwagon! 


Classy and bold


What other colour can be elegant yet dramatic at the same time? Exactly. Black is beautiful but as it is such a bold and statement tone, it can easily be left out of your paint choices because you’re worried that your home will become too much like the Addams house and less like your home. I don’t think there is such thing as too much black, even black on black is beautiful, but I guess I’m a little bit biased. As Ironmongery Experts state in their article about black ironmongery, black ironmongery “give any room a luxurious and polished appearance.”


Suits any style


Is your home modern or perhaps grade listed? Black will look incredible in both. This tone can easily adapt and look seamless no matter where you put it. Even in commercial and industrial buildings, black ironmongery will look like it belonged there all along. 


Mixes with other finishes


As a neutral tone, black is perfect to mix and match with other ironmongery finishes you have around the house. If you are redecorating your kitchen, maybe add some black kitchen cupboard handles? Or maybe add some black to your front door for some extra kerb appeal points? This article on Lindy Loves also mentions how black matches pretty much anything, which should prevent you from overthinking and over-stressing when decorating your home.


Options, options and options


Options for black ironmongery are endless, so you won’t have trouble finding the right black door handle for your door – from textured black door handles to square matte black handles, the world is your oyster. As Chelsea Mamma asks in this article, “the real question is, why not black?” and I can’t seem to find any good answers! What do you think – are you going to be decorating with black this spring?

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