6 Reasons Spring Is the Perfect Time to Clean Your Home

Like peanut butter and jelly and rock and roll, spring and cleaning just go together. Every year, people everywhere gather their supplies and begin to dust, wipe and toss out dirt. Though it is completely natural at this point, have you ever wondered why spring of all seasons is the collective time for deep cleaning? 

Traditionally, many cultures and spiritualities denote spring as a time of renewal and rebirth, which has expanded into modern seasonal routines. But there are many reasons why spring is ideal, both biologically, psychologically and logically. Explore how you and your family can collaboratively revitalize your home this spring, all while having fun along the way!

1. You’ll Have More Natural Energy 

In spring, your body has more energy to clean. Winter’s early sunset and murkier skies mean less sunlight during the day. Decreased exposure to sunlight means your pineal gland produces more sleep-inducing melatonin. However, spring promises longer, sunnier days, which slows melatonin production. Naturally, your body will feel brighter and more energized to tackle larger projects like cleaning or donating old items. 

To take full advantage of this springtime benefit, clean with your family when the sun is shining. The short window after school and before dinner is ideal for the day’s chores. 

2. You Can Practice Cleaning Mindfulness 

Spring also offers a feeling of renewal and hope. The long, dark winter is finally over and you are free to enjoy the sparkling days of warmth. Thus, your family can explore these feelings of gratitude and mindfulness in each task. When washing the dishes, take stock of your senses and sensations. How does the running water feel cascading onto your hands? What does the soap smell like? How can you appreciate this plate that has helped feed your family countless times? 

Viewing every task as important enables you to truly feel appreciation and joy in your home. Better yet, instilling these mindfulness moments with your children builds this routine from an early age. If cleaning is enjoyable, they’ll be more likely to clean their rooms or do other chores with a smile. 

3. You May Seek More Physical Activity

A clean home could mean a more physically fit lifestyle. As you donate old items and remove the dirt and grime, you create this mindset of removing what no longer serves you. You can then extend this into revisiting old resolutions, like fitness. 

A less cluttered space also gives you room to work out at home. Flick on the television and catch a Youtube yoga tutorial or try some apartment-friendly pilates routines. If you’re more of a gym-goer, spring cleaning benefits you too. With no monumental cleaning tasks hanging over your head anymore, you have more time to hit the gym in peace. 

Cleaning itself can also be exercise if you “game-ify” your kids’ chores. Can they pickup all the red toys in five minutes? Who can make the most trick shots with the laundry basket? Rewards can be fun too. If the family can declutter the living room, play “ice skating” by sliding around in socks on the hardwood floor. 

4. You’ll Prepare for a New Culinary Season

Spring marks the beginning of a new time of fresh food. More fruits and vegetables are coming to your table, as well as sticky messes from freeze-pops and ice cream. Taking the time to deep clean the kitchen prepares your family for warm weather foods. 

Check out these tasks for a sparkling kitchen:

  • Organize the spice rack
  • Clean toaster crumb tray
  • Run vinegar through the coffee machine 
  • Refresh the garbage disposal
  • Wipe dishwasher sprayers

5. You Can Refresh In-Season Clothing

Along with new foods, you’re looking at a whole new spring and summer wardrobe. Say goodbye to heavy sweaters and welcome in t-shirts, dresses, swimsuits, beach towels, sheets and much more. When swapping these in, wash everything thoroughly. Being in storage could mean an excess of particles and dust. 

To ensure you’re washing these summer clothes properly, clean your washer and dryer. Your washer, in particular, does a lot of heavy lifting throughout the year and could accumulate growths and odors. After checking your manual, clean with a baking soda and vinegar solution or try heavier chemicals like bleach and peroxide. 

6. You May Prevent Warm Weather Challenges

Summer comes with its own challenges of bugs and humid weather, so spring is the perfect time to start proactive maintenance. Seal cracks and openings and use peppermint essential oils on cupboards and windows to prevent any creepy crawlies. Peppermint can be toxic to pets, though, so be careful! In summer, your kiddos may run through sprinklers and stomp through the house soaking wet. To save your floors and prevent mildew growth, replace HVAC filters and invest in heavy-duty mats for entrances.

Springtime Cleaning Starts Now

Spring is simply the perfect time to clean your home. After those dark and frozen nights of winter, it’s time to imbue some refreshing light and energy into your home. Proactive care will also make parenting life much easier as your kids spend more time at home instead of school. Most importantly, remember to make spring cleaning collaborative. Your whole family can contribute and have fun while doing it. When you work together, you will all feel that satisfying sense of renewal as you enter the new season. 

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