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7 Excellent Tips for Sprucing Up Your Home’s Exterior

When you think of home improvement projects, pay more attention to the exterior of your house. Homeowners often focus on their kitchens and bedrooms first, neglecting to give the outside of their home a little TLC. So, if you’re looking for a way to make your property stand out from all the other houses in the neighbourhood, then this article is for you.

Upgrade Your Patio

The way people decorate their Patios is also important, especially if it’s an area people can see from the street. To make it look great for the company, try these tips below!

  • Add a top layer of sand – This will help keep weeds away and give some traction if your patio doesn’t have a surface on it.
  • Add decorative stones to the top of the sand – You can find these at any garden centre or home improvement store. Plus, they give off a nice, natural look that will remind you of trips to the beach.
  • Create patterns in the sand with seashells or other items – This will make your patio more exciting and fun to look at.
  • Add potted plants, flowers or other greenery around the perimeter of your patio – this a great way to create a focal point for people passing by, and it’ll help you keep different types of vegetation under control if they’re growing on your property.

Upgrade Your Doors

The first way to spruce up your exterior is by upgrading the doors. If you’re looking for a new design, choose from one of these popular door styles that will make your home stand out even more.

Invest In Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a great way to attract attention and bring that little something extra to the outdoor areas. It’s also essential for security.

You’ll want outdoor lights installed around the exterior of your house and on walkways leading up to it as well. Again, clear lamps are best if you’re looking for something to cast light on your home’s exterior.

The outdoor lighting you choose will depend mainly on the design of your house and what style you’re going for. Here are a few popular types:

  • Clear lamps – These have an open-top area that allows light to come through onto objects and people below them, making them perfect for illuminating the exterior of your home.
  • Globe lamps – These also have an open-top area that allows light to come through. They’re best placed on pillars or posts in front of your house as they give off a lot of light and can be seen from far away distances.

Do a Mailbox Makeover

One way to spruce up your mailbox is by painting it. You can also add an address post with a house number plaque and decorate the sides of the box with ivy or other plants that will give off a pleasant fragrance. 

If you’re looking for something more substantial, you can have one of these items built into the box instead.

  • Decorative mailbox – This is a standard decorated metal or plastic mailbox with paint, stencils, beads and other materials.
  • Mailbox post cover – There’s no need to attach this item to your house; it looks just as good on its own!
  • Mailbox house number plaque – This is a rectangular sign attached to the front of your mailbox and displays numbers on it. It may also have an address listed below and any style or design you want.

Install Window Boxes

Window boxes are a simple way to improve your home. Try them on the front and back windows, or use one in an area you want to draw attention to, like next to your doorbell. 

They’re available at any hardware store and come with everything you need, including dirt, plants and more.

* Window boxes come in a variety of different colours, so you’ll be able to match them with your house for an aesthetic look that’s cohesive.

* You can also add decorative items like flowers or seashells to the window box itself if you want something extra.

Paint the Exterior of Your House

A fresh coat of paint on the exterior walls is another way to spruce up your home’s look. Again, you can go with a colour that matches what you already have, or choose something more adventurous like red! This will make rooms feel brighter and bigger.

Be sure to paint window frames a different colour than your walls, so they stand out more.

Improve On Landscaping

Landscape designs are an essential part of any home’s exterior. They’ll help you create curb appeal and draw attention to specific areas while also providing privacy if you have windows on ground level.

Consider these tips as they will come in handy when you’re trying to spruce up your exterior.

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