Are You Utilising The Hidden Areas Of Your Home?

When we purchase a home, we often look at the hard facts before we consider our emotional attachment to the place. We see how many bedrooms it has, what the asking price is, how old the property might be, and if there are any plumbing issues. Our goal is to try and get the best value for money, even if we know this is the right house for us. For example, on rural properties it’s essential to know just where the unmarked border of land ends if not currently fenced in, if you or that neighbour owns the trees between both of the properties, or if the home is protected under renovation laws due to the area being labeled as one of ‘immense natural beauty.’

There’s not much we can do to negotiate more room in a property, as that is a fixed thing. However, we can often negotiate what price we pay for it in order to gain the most value possible out of the deal. This is common practice and understood. But it can be a shame that when the deal is completed, we can often forget or postpone using our homes to the greatest of their potential. The value we struggled to gain so valiantly during negotiations might not be as worthwhile as expected. For that reason, we might consider making use of the hidden areas of our homes. Here’s how:

Loft Spaces

An attic can be a wonderful home space to open up if you have the room for it. Of course, if your loft is four feet tall, it’s probably not going to be the most suitable for renovation. But if you have around nine feet of height minimum, enough to stand in without worry, then keeping this area as a simple storage environment can often be a waste of potential. You may be sitting on a completely new bedroom potential, provided you can implement a safer staircase up to the top. This can be extremely worthwhile to cater to. First off, we’d recommend removing the debris from your loft, and giving it a good clean. Perhaps place some of the stored items in the garage temporarily. Next, use a firm like Empire Lofts to come and inspect your space, as they will be able to tell you if anything can be done here in your favour. If so, you’re likely to enjoy a real potential new renovation and decoration process, skyrocketing your home value.

Renovating Our Home: Building Plans

Knocking Through Walls

While you must take great care to understand which supporting walls must not be messed with in your home under any circumstances, some walls knocked through can lend a space a massive sense of openness and freedom. While of course, knocking through the bathroom to the kitchen would be ridiculous, a kitchen/dining room divide can become one room if you’re careful to implement it. It’s amazing how an open plan design like this can not only help the home seem bigger, but also grant you the space the wall was needlessly taking up in the first place.

Closets & Compartments

Closets and walk-in cupboards can always be transformed. From kitchen cupboards turning from a place you store cleaning items to a full-on larder, to perhaps installing a pull-out spare bed for guests in a bedroom closet space, these hidden compartments are often the most useful where room utility is concerned.

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