7 Easy Bathroom Furniture Upgrades Every Parent Should Know

As parents, it is important to make your bathroom functional and kid-friendly because that is handy for a smooth morning routine and a peaceful bedtime cleaning routine. The good news is that achieving this does not require a major renovation. With a few strategic and technical upgrades in bathroom furniture and accessories, you will be able to transform your bathroom into a more organised and child-friendly space.

Don’t know where to start with your bathroom renovation? From small storage cabinets to under sink organisers, and the convenience of soft-close toilet seats, here’s everything that you must know for smartly upgrading your kid’s bathroom for an amazing experience.

Consider Small Storage Cabinets

One of the very first things that you can do is to seek a small storage cabinet for bathroom space! Ask your child about their favourite colour and buy them the cabinets in those colours to keep their interest in them for storing goods. 

You should choose cabinets in vibrant colours or whimsical designs for a funky touch. This will enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom thereby making it an inviting space for the little ones. 

For a playful touch, seek a storage cabinet that comes with appealing textures resonating with your child’s interests. Doing so will not just enhance the bathroom’s overall ambiance but make the space more inviting for the children.

Add Under Sink Organisers for Kids

A trick to maximising space is to place an under sink unit. These small additions are handy for placing towels, toilet paper and other bathroom necessities. Such organisers make it easy for children to access what they need on their own even when you’re not around.

You can also consider placing pull-out drawers or stackable bins. They will keep the area tidy and children will also learn to keep their things organised. With everything in its place, the morning rush becomes peaceful and the parents are less likely to hear the dreaded voice, “Mom, where’s my toothbrush?”

Add Soft Close Toilet Seats

Good news for parents!

Adding the soft close toilet seats can help you reduce the slamming sound after every use in your kid’s room. The new soft close toilet seats are in the market especially for reducing harsh sounds. These toilet seat options also prevent little fingers from getting accidentally pinched thereby contributing to a more peaceful bathroom environment.

Soft close toilet seats are available in different styles and materials! The variety is to ensure that your desired style blends perfectly with your bathroom décor. Moreover, their durability is meant to withstand wear and tear caused by the ever-curious-kids who’d want to test everything they see around them. 

You should also think about investing in the quality soft close toilet seats to add comfort and functionality to your bathroom. 

Place Functional Bathroom Furniture Options

Bathroom furniture, such as vibrant vanity units into a kids’ bathroom brings both functionality and fun to their space. Options of vanity units such as 1200mm vanity units provide storage for toiletries, bath time toys and towels and tend to engage children in their daily routines. 

With accessible storage and child-friendly designs, bathroom furniture helps teach organisational skills thereby making them independent. Royal Bathrooms has some amazing options of vanity units in all sizes, in different colours and vanity units with toilets that can uplift any bathroom’s vibe and design.

Step Stools for Easy Access 

Parents can empower their children and make them independent by adding a sturdy small stool or steps to the bathroom furniture. A step stool will help the child to reach the sink, toilet, or other areas without needing any assistance. It will also instil a sense of responsibility and independence in them.

But you should keep in mind that step stools should have non-slippery surfaces and rubber grips for stability. They are handy for keeping bath time essentials. Parents will certainly see their child’s confidence growing as they take charge of their own hygiene routine.

Kid-Friendly Shower Curtains

Parents can also transform the shower space by using a kid-friendly shower curtain that will showcase playful patterns, colours or even their favourite characters. This simple addition in your bathroom furniture will make the space an inviting place for children. Thus, turning bath time into an exciting adventure.

But you should choose the shower curtains that are made from easy-to-clean materials. You can also consider having a water-resistant liner to prevent any water damage. This small upgrade will change your child’s perception about the bathroom because usually kids see bathroom’s as boring and irritating spaces.   

Toothbrush Holders with Personality

Parents should make oral hygiene fun and interesting for children. It will interest the child if the toothbrush holder reflects his or her own personality or some favourite personality. For example, there can be animal shaped holders, popular cartoon characters, favourite fictional characters etc.

Also, a designated spot for toothbrushes keeps the bathroom organised and also adds a sense of whimsy to the space. 

You should encourage your kids to pick their own toothbrush holder. This will turn their daily routine into a more personalised and enjoyable experience.


The making of a kid’s friendly bathroom should not be a difficult task as there are simple steps that can upgrade your bathroom thereby turning them into kid friendly. 

Small storage cabinets, soft-close toilet seats and every such addition will make the bathroom experience more enjoyable and stress-free for both the children and the parents. 

Parents should invest in these upgrades thereby transforming their bathrooms into spaces that make mornings and bedtime routines a breeze.

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