Essential Checks To Make Before Renovating A Property

Renovating a property can be an exciting prospect. It not only gives you a chance to redefine your home, but also to extend it or to increase its value in a particular way. If you can do that, you have an access of potential that can be quite encouraging to think about. This might be your first home construction project on top of that, which can allow anyone with a decorative urge to find great enjoyment.

However, unfortunately, no renovation is as easy and as fun as building a space from LEGO bricks. It requires dedication, teamwork, careful planning, and the ability to overcome certain setbacks. But before any of that begins, it’s essential to make a few important checks. This can help you avoid the process becoming stalled, or encountering issues that you might not have predicted. It’s best to remain anything but arrogant during this process. It’s okay to humbly admit the need for advice, because most of us aren’t renovating a property each day, and will rarely do so frequently throughout our lifetime. With the following advice, you’re sure to get there well:


It can sometimes be that small pests can make work less hygienic, or perhaps, pose a danger to you or the tradesmen implementing these changes. For example, a wasps nest or beehive in your attic space can prove a nasty surprise to someone knocking through your roofing felt, and as such, the space will need to be inspected properly. Sometimes, the presence of little creatures can lend your home to a need for professional removal. Essential knowledge can be how to know if you have bats in your property, or seeing the warning signs of birds making their nest there. Inspecting the whole property is vital.

Your Electrical Circuit

Often, an electrical layout detailing where the circuit wires are not written down. Electricians can tell using specialist equipment, but it requires their expert knowledge and guidance to deem a place safe before you begin working on it. Knocking a wall down which is currently hosting a live electrical circuit is a terrible idea, and can cause a real threat to life. This is just one crucial example out of many to consider and take care of.

Planning Permissions

Most of us know that you cannot simply begin work to the exterior of your property. While you might own your space, it’s important to consider what protections might have been applied to your area, and it’s still essential to gain planning permission from your local housing authority. On top of that, you need to display your intent for renovation at the front of your property, which comes in the form of a declaration of intent to be placed outside of your property for a number of months. This gives anyone who lives in the surrounding area time to either accept or write to the council with their complaints.

With this advice, we hope your home renovation goes smoothly.

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