Fun Spring Activities To Do With Your Kids

When Springtime rolls around, the warmer weather is the perfect opportunity to step outside for renewed entertainment. With new blooms and bright colours as inspiration, embracing and celebrating the changing seasons and the new adventures that come with them is essential. 

Spring can be filled with fun activities for you and your children to engage in together. From building new things to documenting your time together, there are many ways to keep your kids busy while creating important memories. This is the perfect time to break out those new Lacoste NZ sneakers you have been dying to wear. 

Build a Birdhouse

When spring comes back around, the birds start to return to the warmer climate, looking for the perfect place to nest. So making a birdhouse for these returning gems is the perfect spring activity. You can get creative by painting bright and bold colours and designs, and allow your children to hunt down the best spot to put it up. Building a birdbath to accompany the house will help draw in even more species of birds, turning your garden into a wildlife haven. If you don’t feel confident about your building abilities, purchase a birdhouse kit to simplify the process and avoid mishaps. 

Grow Seasonal Vegetables

There are few things kids enjoy more than getting dirty. So take them along to the garden centre and let them pick a low-maintenance vegetable to plant in the garden and grow. It is the ideal chance to teach them about caring for plants, managing responsibility and the perfect excuse to get a little dirty. Once their veggies are ready for harvest, sit down together to look for the perfect recipe to enjoy their hard work. This is a great activity to repeat throughout the year with seasonal vegetables. 

Make your Own Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is a hit with kids of all ages and even with most adults. To take it one step further, make your own bubbles to enjoy with a few simple supplies you likely already have around the house. For DIY bubbles, you need water, dish soap and glycerine. Add one cup of water into a bowl, with a tablespoon of dish soap and a tablespoon of glycerine. If you are looking for more bubbles, add additional soap to the mixture. 

Take Photos

Like each unique season, spring is a beautiful time of year to head outside and enjoy nature. With trees regaining their leaves, new buds blossoming, and the sky staying lighter for longer, there is an abundance of photo-worthy opportunities around. Challenge your kids to scope out the best springtime backdrop for family photos. Visit the beach, nearby lakes and botanical gardens to watch as nature starts fresh. Experiment with close-up shots and landscape scenes to give you both the opportunity for creative expression. 

Create Magic Potions

Spring has a distinct magical feel to it. Embrace this sense of whimsy and make a batch of ‘magic potion’ with your children. They can collect natural ingredients from around the garden, like berries, flower petals, leaf clippings and bark. Mix them into a bowl with water with a drop or two of natural colouring. Transfer them into glass jars to carry around the garden, pouring them over the grass and flowerbeds, creating tiny magic potion ponds to help the plants grow.  

Hold a Spring Scavenger Hunt

There are plenty of things to see during springtime that are away for the remainder of the year. Flowers that only bloom during the season or insects that come out when the weather starts to heat up before retreating again to hide from the harsh summer sun. For this reason, get together with the kids and create a spring scavenger hunt. Head outside to collect the items on the list or take photos of things that can’t be reached. Turn it into a fun competition by creating teams or introducing fun prizes for those participating. 

Flower-Themed Parties

There is no better time than spring to enjoy the floral delights of the garden. And what better way to celebrate the spring equinox than a flower-themed party, complete with themed decorations, cupcakes, crafts and games. You can rope in the kids to make paper flowers, decorate cupcakes and search around the garden for the most beautiful stems they can find to create centrepieces. Then, once your party is over, use the paper flowers to decorate birthday cards or as the focal point of an art piece. 

Embrace the Rain 

Although spring signifies the end of the cold winter months and harsh weather, that doesn’t automatically mean it is sunshine every day. In fact, for many places around the world, spring brings along a relatively large amount of rainy days. But don’t let the wet weather get you down. Unlike the winter rain, you won’t be blasted with frigid temperatures. So throw on a raincoat and wellies and head outside to splash around in the spring rainfall. You can try to catch raindrops in your mouth, jump in puddles and attempt to spot any rainbows that might be hanging around.  

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