Five Reasons Your House Still Doesn’t Feel Like Home

There are few greater sources of frustration in this life than feeling unsatisfied by your home surroundings. However, it’s a situation that millions of people find themselves in, even after living in the property for several years. If this is the scenario that you’re currently in, now is the time to put things right. Identifying the reasons for the lack of emotional connection to the property is a vital step en route to finding a solution. Here are five of the most likely causes.

1: Poor Security

It’s impossible to truly relax inside a property that feels unsafe or vulnerable to intrusions. So, upgrading the security features should be a priority. CCTV and alarms are great. Meanwhile, a video doorbell is another solid investment to increase the sense of safety. When the doors and windows are supported by good locks too, you won’t go far wrong. The direct benefits of protecting the home are great, but the ability to deliver peace of mind is where your home will truly improve. Embrace it.

2: Inadequate Use Of Lighting

Good lighting is your best friend as you bid to build a better home. Therefore, adding LED lights and versatile fittings that use multiple colours or dimming options will help. Natural lighting remains the most important feature, though. Dressing the windows to encourage increased light will make rooms bigger. However, you still need the ability to block harsh light and retain privacy. Visit to learn more about sun protectors and awnings. Master lighting aspects and the home will instantly feel happier.

3: Lacking Function

The needs of a modern family are vastly different to those of previous generations. So, it’s vital that you adapt the home to reflect those requirements. If COVID-19 has forced you to work from home, building an office may be a very wise move. Besides, it can add value to the property and serve a purpose for the kids throughout their education. Meanwhile, it’s important to ensure that your kitchen and bathroom are kitted out to your needs. This could extend to assistive living features.

4: Too Cluttered

Claustrophobic vibes will stop you from ever unlocking the true potential of the homely vibes. While it doesn’t necessarily mean you should use a minimalist interior setup, you should try to keep a little floor space. After all, it’s hard to actually live in a living space when you haven’t got enough room to move. Visit to learn more about TV wall brackets. In addition to this step, you may wish to think about using wall-mounted shelves. Crucially, you should learn to sell or dispose of items that are no longer used. They just take up space.

5: No Personality

Last but not least, you must remember that you’re creating a home. As such, it needs to feel personal to your family story. You can achieve this through family photos, artistic creations, and holiday souvenirs. Meanwhile, choosing colour schemes and patterns that you love will have a huge influence on the emotional bond you feel towards the home. The internal aspects should be supported by a little TLC to the front garden and frontal building work. This way, those homely vibes start before you even step inside.

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