How To Make A Calming Bedroom

Do you struggle to relax at the end of the day? Feel frazzled from the moment you wake up? Wondering ‘how can I make my bedroom more calming’? We can help! Creating a relaxing space to sleep in can make all the difference to how you feel from dawn until dusk. You deserve a space that puts you entirely at ease the minute you walk into it. We’ve created bedrooms of all types over the last few years (the most recent blush pink girls room being one of our faves) but one thing is always top of our list; how can we make this bedroom calming? Here we share our top tips on how to make a calming bedroom, let us know if you try any!

Remove Clutter

Think of all of the calming spaces you can think of, a spa perhaps… remember seeing much clutter there? Exactly. A well-organised and tidy space can help you feel calm and in control, which is exactly what you want in your bedroom. And the key to that? Great storage. The ability to pack away your clothes and various products behind closed doors instantly creates a much tidier, calmer space. If you can, think about getting built in wardrobes; not only will these maximise the space that you have in the room but by their nature they blend into the walls far more than standalone furniture, reducing that ‘busy’ feel even more.

Introduce Greenery

It’s a well known fact that plants naturally improve oxygen levels in a space, but studies also show that plants have huge mental health benefits. In fact, being around plants helps reduce anxiety and increase feelings of calm, whilst looking after plants can reduce stress levels. Need more reasons to bring some greenery in and make an eco-friendly bedroom? We think plants instantly make a room feel more welcoming and they look great with almost any decor. With species available to suit every type of space, light level and care required, there’s really no excuse not to add a plant or two.

Review Your Window Coverings

Reviewing your existing curtains or window blinds has two benefits. Firstly, are they adequate enough at blocking out light when you want to sleep? To sleep at your best, you need a dark room, so replacing any thin blinds or curtains with some that are better at light blocking will have huge benefits to how calm you feel when you wake. Good blinds can also help to reduce lost heat and add a layer of insulation, meaning that the room stays warmer in the cold months and cooler when it’s hot outside; you want your bedroom to feel a consistent, relaxing temperature, after all, who finds a draught relaxing!?

Opt For A Neutral Colour Scheme

Sounds obvious doesn’t it but a neutral colour scheme has been shown to be more calming than one with bright or bold colours. That doesn’t mean that neutral has to be boring, you can still pair it with pops of colour to add personality if required. The key is to reduce the number of different colours that you have in the room; too many competing shades will draw your eye in different directions making it harder to relax. Instead, try to pare back your colour scheme to as minimal a range as possible. The simpler the styling, the more calming it will feel.

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