Let’s Get Nesting

Firmly into the third trimester, we’re 29 weeks in and up to our eyeballs in paint. Yep, I’m nesting! In the heady pre-pregnancy days, back when bending was comfortable and evening activities went beyond passing out on the sofa at 8pm, I decorated our smallest bedroom to make it into the office and whaddya know it makes the perfect nursery! So we have a baby room but we’re planning on co-sleeping for the first six months using a moses basket. I’d like to avoid having to perform Olympic level gymnastics every evening to get into bed so we’re moving into the bigger bedroom. It’s currently a junk yard! 

Nesting Whilst Pregnant Is… HARD!

One of the things I find most amazing about pregnancy is how it can sneak up on you. Your once flexible, easy to manoeuvre body can suddenly become the biggest, most unwieldy vehicle in the world.  Given that Dave is more comfortable with his head hidden behind the computer screen, it’s made decorating significantly more challenging.  I’m ‘site managing’ AKA bossing him around, giving up and balancing precariously in an attempt to get the corner of the cupboard painted. Oh and providing the snacks – I’m a dab-hand at supplying chocolate biscuits!

Renovating our house with bidvine

I’m a firm believer that I’m pregnant not disabled but that’s been tested to the breaking point over these last few weeks.  Who knew that a couple hours of painting walls could make your back feel like you’ve been repeatedly run over? We’ve also had the challenge of making sure that we’re safe with fumes. It’s led to the house being Arctic-like to ensure we’re ventilating it properly.  We’ve stripped, filled, sanded and painted our little legs off over the last two weeks – I think it’s called nesting.

Lowest point so far has to be our careful consideration of 8 different shades of grey. Then to find after we’d painted the walls that we’d lovingly selected a wonderful shade of… baby blue.  Wonderful.  I’ll be honest, we’re too lazy now to attempt to even change it so we’ll be spending our nights surrounded by the bluest grey imaginable!

Thankfully through a combination of sheer stubbornness and an ever pressing time line, the end is in sight. I promise to post photos soon of our finished nesting attempts…. I have never needed wine more… pass the orange juice!

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