Today we put aside our general phobia of organised activity and made our way to our first mum and baby group; this time the Daisy Foundation’s Tinies group. Up until now we’ve been blissfully locking the door in the morning and not opening it again until Mr DM came home… View Post

Chances are if you’re a first time mama to be like me then you’ll also be  blissfully unaware of what happens throughout that precious period.  Yes, we’ve all heard about morning sickness, tiredness and swollen ankles and we’ve definitely all looked out hopefully for the pregnancy glow but what about the things they don’t tell you?  Here are 10 things I wish I’d known before embarking on the ‘journey of life (giving)’.… View Post

The first week of maternity leave was punctuated primarily by phone calls from my loved ones; “Any news?  Any twinges?  Anything!?!”  I spent the entire week fielding calls and staying close to home in the distinct fear that at any moment this baby COULD ARRIVE. Which meant I did the sum… View Post

Firmly into the third trimester, we’re 29 weeks in and up to our eyeballs in paint.  In the heady pre-pregnancy days, back when bending was comfortable and evening activities went beyond passing out on the sofa at 8pm, I decorated our smallest bedroom to make it into the office and… View Post