UK Destinations Which Should Take Centre Stage For Any Theatre Loving Family

Sometimes, it can be challenging to find truly family friendly activities to embark on when you go away. Kids always have a limited attention span when it comes to things like museums. Even child-specific theme parks and the like can soon lose their lustre. Before you know in destinations like these, you’ll have lagging, nagging kids on your hands. And, that’s no way to a relaxing escape for you.

The good news is, some activities do promise to capture kiddie attention for the duration. And, as you may have guessed from the title, theatre is one of them. If you choose the right play, you can guarantee those little attention spans won’t stray from the stage. This is good news given that the UK is pretty famous for its plays. This was Shakespeare’s homeland, after all! As such, there are some fantastic destinations for theatre-loving families. These could both see you getting away, and ensuring the whole family have a good time. To help you decide which stage to set your holiday on, keep reading to find out about your three best options.


There was no way we could avoid starting with London. Home to both the West End and the Globe theatre, there’s no denying that this is the hotspot for UK theatre. As such, you can guarantee that a trip here is going to go down well. By stocking up on last minute theatre tickets London style, you can find the peace you deserve while your kids have the time of their lives. Even better, the sheer amount of options here ensures that you can find the ideal play for your kid’s tastes. The West End alone boasts of plays like Matilda and The Lion King, the bright colours of which could hold the attention of even the youngest children.

Stratford Upon Avon

London does, of course, have the downside of being busy. If you fancy a quieter trip away, then, why not head to Stratford Upon Avon? Home to Shakespeare himself, this small Hampshire town has all the history and beauty you could hope for. It’s also home to the famous Royal Shakespeare theatre. This is by far one of the best theatres in the country, and it hosts some of our best acting names. Obviously, the plays performed here are all by Shakespeare, so they may not be ideal for young kids. But, if you have an older family, a stay here promises not to disappoint.


Manchester may not be the first place you consider for theatre, but it also deserves a spot on this list. That’s because it’s home to one of the UK’s best theatres. The Royal Exchange in Manchester seats up to 700 audience members. That makes it the largest British theatre of its kind. To keep up with that accolade, a total of around 350 performances take place here annually. If you love the city but can’t quite face London, then, this is the option for you and your family.

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