Yoto Space: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know!

It’s official, Yoto Space is here! Here we take a look at everything you need to know about Yoto Space; what it is, what you can expect to find there and how it can help you to get even more from your Yoto Player or Yoto Mini. The platform launched in March 2023 and is growing daily as more collaborators take part. But what exactly is it? And what can you gain from Yoto Space? Read on to find out…

What is Yoto Space?

Yoto Space is an innovative community platform where you can connect with fellow Yoto owners to share content, gain inspiration and explore a whole new side to Yoto. Not only can you share tips and ideas on how to use your Yoto players, you can make content and card suggestions, and even access free audio content so that your Yoto library can hold even more than before. For us, Yoto Space really comes into it’s own with the Make Your Own Cards – if, like us, you’ve lacked a little inspiration on how to get the best out of your blank cards, then help is absolutely at hand. With Yoto Space you can learn more about Make Your Own Cards and how to create and share original content with other Yoto families – suddenly a whole universe of new material is at your fingertips!

Yoto Space

How Does Yoto Space Work?

Yoto Space is divided into three main areas; audio collections, make your own and community. You’ll find these sections down the left hand side of your screen, with subsections within the menu to make them easier to navigate.

Audio Collections

In ‘audio collections’ you’ll find content from Yoto themselves (hello fart soundtrack!), a made by you section covering content from other Yoto users, content from the public domain (such as free audio books), podcasts and radios. All of these can be listened to and added to your library, although you’ll need to be using your mobile to do this. This area is only going to improve over time as more content is added – and the made by you section is already home to some really good content – don’t be fooled by the fact this content isn’t from Yoto themselves, there are some pro-content producing users out there in the Yoto community!

Make Your Own

Remember that blank card you got with your Yoto Player? Lacking inspiration on what to put onto it? This is the place for you. Here you’ll find tutorials on how to create great cards, including how to make interactive stories, recipes and even board games. The Make Your Own section will take you through from the very beginning with it’s MYO tips section before helping you create something magical with their Building Blocks section – you can even add your own pixel art to your Make Your Own Cards, how cool is that?

Don’t forget, you can always buy more blank cards if the creative bug has struck!


One of our favourite areas of Yoto Space is the community section, because you can interact with other Yoto users, just like you! Whether you want to give feedback on new card ideas, or share your suggestions for Yoto Daily topics, or find new card recommendations, you’ll find it here. We think that this is a space that’s going to grow and grow into somewhere pretty fab.

Is Yoto Space Good?

Yes! Having thoroughly explored Yoto Space, we think it’s a fab addition to the Yoto offering. Why do we think it’s good? For starters, as much as I’d like to be creative enough with Make Your Own Cards, I’ll admit that we’ve not really done much with them, instead preferring to pick out favourite pre-recorded cards. But, with Yoto Space, we were quickly able to find different material that would absolutely be of interest to our children – particularly our seven year old who is always thirsty for new facts, information and jokes!

Yoto Space feels a little like a social media platform, which helps make it intuitive to navigate and browse. And, whilst the Yoto Facebook group is popular, Yoto Space feels like a much safer space for content and idea sharing, to the point that I was happily able to browse it with my pro-content-pickers (alright, children!) alongside me. Obviously it’s important to remember, and Yoto do make this clear, that the content on the platform is shared by and with other users, which means that they recommend that you check it first to ensure that it’s at a suitable level for your family.

We also really liked finding out a bit more about the behind the scenes – for example, more about Jake from the Yoto Daily podcast (I think my children are obsessed with him!) and what goes into being a podcaster, or learning how artwork for cards are designed. It allows our curious seven year old a chance to find out more about how these things work, ready for listening at bedtime!

Do You HAVE To Use Yoto Space?

No, you don’t HAVE to use Yoto Space. You’ll still be able to get loads from your Yoto Mini or Yoto Player without tapping into the Yoto Space resources. But, if you get the chance, we thoroughly recommend checking it out – with new users and new content joining every day, we guarantee you’ll find out something you didn’t know, find new, exciting content and learn how to get even more from your Yoto device… why wouldn’t you give it a go?!

You can visit Yoto Space by clicking here! 

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Want to add to your Yoto collection? You can find the full card shop here, packed full of incredible content for all ages!

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