12 Modern Family Room Decor Ideas

The family room is the heart of the home. This room needs to work hard, for the whole family, by providing something to do for all ages, and be tough enough to stand up to heavy use and a lot of play from the children. If you can get the family room right, your family will have somewhere wonderful to relax and spend time together, with lovely decorative touches. 

Set up a space for snacking.

If you have the room, set up a dining table for casual dining and snacking. If you don’t have space, you can make the coffee table double up as a space to eat at. Put some flat floor cushions under the coffee table that can be slid out and used as seating to sit at the coffee table. If the kids have somewhere to sit for snacks, you can save your sofa from all the crumbs and make vacuuming an easier task. 

Layer rugs and throws.

Make things cozy by adding soft textures. Fit discount carpets for child-friendly flooring, then layer up some rugs in any place where the kids are likely to sit or lay on the floor. Add some blankets to the sofas for snuggling under during movie nights and you’ve got a warm, comfortable room to enjoy. 

Get the right seating.

A large sectional sofa works well for a family room, as there’s plenty of space for everyone to sit and spread out. Another option is to add a range of seating options so everyone can choose their own space. A smaller sofa, some armchairs, and some fun options like beanbags and floor cushions, all work well together to give everyone somewhere to sit. 

Get adventurous with color.

The family room is an ideal place to experiment with different shades than you might use in the rest of your home. Paint the walls a darker shade to make things feel intimate and cozy, then bring in pops of bright, warm colors, like oranges and greens, in your other furniture. An orange sofa or some green throw cushions will fresh, modern, and fun. 

Add storage.

The family room is going to be used for all kinds of activities, from watching DVDs to playing board games. Add plenty of storage options for these activities. Turn alcoves into shelving, put in cupboards and bookcases, and buy pieces like ottomans with storage inside, so there’s plenty of space to put away DVDs, books, toys, and games, and still get at them easily in the family room. Display some favorite pieces. For example, if someone in the family is musical, find a way to hang their instruments so they can be seen as a decorative feature when they’re not being played. 

Build a reading nook.

If you want to encourage your children to read more, give them a comfortable space to do it in. A reading nook can be easier to create. Build in a snuggly seat in a window, or add an overstuffed armchair or a beanbag near the bookcases. Add a reading light and a side table for drinks, and you have a lovely space to curl up with a book and still spend time with the family. 

Add a gallery wall.

The classic gallery wall is a way to display photographs. Frame some favorite family pictures and hang them in an interesting way on the wall to create a stylish statement and a way to enjoy your photos. You can use a gallery wall to display other things too. Hang maps of places you’ve visited together, or display a collection of sports memorabilia, decorative plates, or anything else that can be hung. 

Add a game zone.

If you love to play board games as a family, then give yourselves a proper space to do it in. Spreading out on the floor can get uncomfortable, so make sure you have a table large enough for the boards of your favorite games. Add some comfy seating, which could be floor cushions at the coffee table or dining chairs at a normal table. Add some lighting so you can see the board clearly, and add some storage nearby for the games and extra pieces like spare dice. 

Hang large scale artwork.

A simple way can be made more interesting with a large piece of interesting art. Choose something that matches the colors of the rest of the room, and get the kids involved in selecting the art. Perhaps pick a painting of a favorite vacation destination, or frame some artwork from a movie that is a favorite with the family. 

Let in plenty of light.

Natural light is one of the best decorative touches around. Try not to block any light getting in through the windows with bulky furniture or heavy curtains. Arrange the furniture so you can enjoy the light that comes in and see outside. 

Make it pet friendly.

If you have pets, you know that they’re part of the family too. Make the family room somewhere that they can enjoy too. A cozy pet bed somewhere is a good start, but why not find places to build in pet spaces? There are clever pieces of furniture online that have a secret pet bed built under a table or chair, so you can have a bed that doesn’t take up space of look messy. For cats, why not add some floating shelving for them to climb and relax up high?

Add playful elements.

Your family room doesn’t need a formal space, so embrace some fun with playful touches to your decor. You could bring in splashes of color, or decorate with movie posters, vacation souvenirs, or pieces from favorite games. Let the whole family contribute their ideas for how to decorate the room, whether asking them to help you choose a shade to paint the walls, or letting them pick some ornaments to display. 

With these tips, you can create a great room that the whole family can enjoy together. 

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